Saturday, May 27, 2017

Step right up and test your skills

We are back on the island of Cebu just in time for our Basketball Skills
Challenge. We stopped down to the local basketball court and with the
help of the youth team, set up several challenges to put the area kid's
skills to the test. Around 25 kids ages 9-17 jumped in to play, with a
few more added as the afternoon went on. We started out easy with
free-throws and then worked our way up in difficulty to timed dribbling,
rapid shooting, and layups. Dang, these kids are good! Once the
challenges were over, everyone sat down for snacks, juice and prizes. As
they ate, Emma, Jonah, and Abby shared their testimonies, stories of
their faith, and how a life lived with Jesus is better than any earthly
prize that we could ever win. It was a wild and crazy afternoon, but one
that the local kids and one that our youth will not soon forget.

God continues to bless us with just what we need, be it trials or
blessings. We know that He has been with us every step of the way on
this trip, and we have all been stretched and grown in our own unique
ways. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us. It is a huge
comfort for us to know that we can move in confidence with the backing
of your prayer support from home.

See you all soon...

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pastors Conference Day 3

We started the day bright and early to do our last conference here in Olongapo. We loaded into vans and traveled for a few hours up windy, rocky, roads into the mountains.  We had many different local pastors and women attend for the conference and over 80 kids for our VBS program. It was a hectic, yet long and fun day. Despite some rain and some technical difficulties, God managed to keep everything in order and running smoothly. Please pray for safe travels as we head back to Cebu tomorrow and prepare for an upcoming basketball outreach within the city. Thanks for your prayers!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pastor's Conference Day 2

Today was day 2 in Olongapo. We were able to do the second pastor's Conference at Calvary Chapel Olongapo. There was a great crowd of men, women, and kids. We had several different churches represented. It is humbling to share about what it means to lead, be led, and bring up new leaders.

We are thankful to be here! Please pray for us that we finish the conferences well, as we do the third one tomorrow. We are praying that the results are lasting and discipleship continues to grow within these churches!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Pastors Conference Day 1

Hello from Olongapo!

Today we kicked off the first of three pastors conferences. We had an early start to the day as we traveled about an hour or so away to spend the day with pastors and leaders in the area. These believers came from several different churches, which is great to see the fellowship and friendships forming between congregations.

The men are going through a curriculum designed to help pastors understand the importance of, and how to implement Jesus' style of discipleship and training up of leaders in the church.

While this was happening, the women (a few pastor's wives and other leaders in churches) gathered to discuss several potential traps of being a woman in the ministry. The children also had a day of activity as the rest of the team shared some Bible stories, games, and crafts with a large group of kids.

We learned a lot as a team today, and were very blessed to be a part of what God is doing over here. Thank you for your prayers - we are praying for you too.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Awake O Sleeper…

We got to camp safely at 6:15 PM on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, we started by setting up before the campers came at one for registration. We had about 120 people show up to camp. There was a total of 11 small groups that we would have our discussions in. Our sessions were from the Awaken program. It taught the campers how to be a Christian that is awake instead of being a Christian that is asleep. Lastly, on Saturday the campers got their phones back, and took many pictures. Then it was time to say goodbye, which was very hard because of how much we have bonded over the three days.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Psssst…. Over here!

Team two's flight to LAX went smoothly, it was Jonah and Emma's first flight. With arriving at LAX we got to experience the Philippines before the Philippines, "wait for a while." On our long flight, team two experienced a rarity of toasting to our mothers on the plane, at three AM, before arriving in the Philippines. Walking out of the airport we realized how humid the Philippines really is. We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went for breakfast and coffee at Bo's. We went for a walk to exchange our money and went to the mall. Ethel came for culture and language lesson. Today (the 16th) a group went to Everlasting Hope to do a VBS, while another stayed at the office and packed for camp. VBS turned out to be a more intimate discussion.


Doctor Matt and Nurse Sharon and a small entourage conducted a medical outreach in Camp 8...near our old stompin' grounds up in the mountains. We tested and gave out reading glasses, tested for high blood pressure and diabetes and dealt with other diagnosis and minor medical issues...roughly 80 patients is 3 hours! It was an awesome thing to participate in, especially for those who have historically been our neighbors!

Monday, May 15, 2017


Saturday brought us another opportunity for the team to split into two groups. Some of us got the chance to do a kid's VBS at the Inayawan Nazarene Church. More and more kids were showing up as we got started. It was great fun to be able to hangout with these kids and share several parables with them of true treasures of God. It was also full of singing songs, playing games, and eating popcorn.

Our team has now doubled with the arrival of team 2 this morning. It's nice to have everyone together as we prep and head into camp at the end of the week and the youth doing a VBS at Everlasting Hope.

Please pray for diligence and focus as we are preparing for camp later this week and that we are continually leaning on God and His hand in all of this.