Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Week In Review....

This past week there were a lot of last minute details and people to connect with as we prepared to put this chapter to a close. It was a lot of "hurry up and wait" and even some time with neighborhood kids inbetween projects :)
On Tuesday, we finished the section in Multiply on How to Study the Bible. 
God threw us a bone Wednesday afternoon as we were making plans for Street Level and needed a location to meet next month. God has continued to provide the resources we need all in His timing of course...whether it be a function room to have a Dinner and Bible Study or contacting school administrators and creating high school curriculum, He continues to go before us! 
We are looking forward to reconnecting with you guys for a bit. Thanks for all the prayers; we definately appreciate them!

--Team Cebu 

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Glamorous Side of Missions

To those of you who asked why we haven't posted on the blog lately... Here's why: it's been a lot of running errands, paying bills, cleaning, and killing mystical creatures that somehow continue to appear time and time again.

"Laura, where did the screw go?.... Oh, it's on the screwdriver." *slaps forehead*

See you guys real soon... 

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

T Minus 2 Weeks...

One week ago today we loaded our backpacks with copies of WOTS, prayed, and left for downtown Cebu, a part of the city we have not been in much. As we walked from one university to another, I couldn't help but notice that this part of the city was definitely the "university zone." We passed out the magazine explaining that we were having a recruitment meeting on Thursday night. While passing out the magazine at one last university before calling it a day, I was reminded that God knew one day I would be standing in the middle of the "university zone" talking to students about Street Level Ministries. God knew who would be at our meeting on Thursday evening long before we did. We had three young ladies from the University of the Visayas attend. Britt spent some time getting to know a couple of them on Saturday and we are glad to hear they are eager to be a part of SLM!

We also had the opportunity to reconnect with Southern Bethany Christian School in Minglanilla!  We met with the principal, guidance counselor, and another staff member to present the Science Creationism Curriculum. They were very happy to see us and have been waiting for someone to develop this curriculum. We met each grade and talked about our roles with Shofar Mission. The faculty and students are eager for us to return and start teaching!

As we move forward into unknown territory with just 2 weeks left before returning to America, there is a lot to be done! Please pray that we stay healthy and safe as we get to know the area in the heart of the "university zone," passing out flyers for SLM Cebu, setting up banners, and looking for places to meet for dinner and a bible study. We also ask that you would pray for the three ladies we met on Thursday as well as the staff and students at Southern Bethany.  

We look forward to seeing you guys and catching up with you at the campout or MOTH :)

--Laura & Brittany

Saturday, July 22, 2017

T Minus Four Weeks

Hello from Cebu! It's officially the rainy season, which we warmly welcomed by riding through puddles and downpours on our bikes :) 

On Tuesday we channeled our inner JFB tech ministry skills to Skype someone in for the bible study. She used to attend pretty regularly but recently moved to Dubai and said she's really missed the community. Well, even though the internet didn't hold out for video the whole time, she still got to listen and participate.

We also picked up 700 copies of WOTS, a special edition featuring SLM and promoting Thursday's recruitment gathering. We will spend all of next week passing them out to 11 different universities. Please pray that we would meet the right students, get into some meaningful conversations, and for our health/safety!

We've also heard back from two schools that want us to come in and teach the science creationism curriculum. So, we will plan to start visiting schools in the beginning of August.

Thanks for your prayers.... Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week In Review...

We started our week off making Mongo Bean Soup with Malunggay for the WOTS Gathering Sunday Evening. We had dinner and Brittany reviewed Issue 71 with the writers that were able to attend.  
The Tuesday Night B.S. at Bo's Capital allows us to have an area to meet but also keep the doors open just a bit in case those sitting near by want to listen in.  We are continuing to read through Multiply.  Laura finished up Part II this week and if all goes as planned we will finish Part III before returning to America. 

Thanks for your continued prayers!  

--Laura & Brittany

Monday, July 10, 2017

Domestic Mission NOLA: Where does the time go??

Today marked our last day of work at Suburban Baptist Church.  It went by far too fast and we wish we could stay longer.  By God's grace we were able to get a lot of work done on the church during our short time here and we are now going to hand the baton off to the next team coming to help out next week; there is still much work to be done.  It's amazing to see how much a team of people on mission together can accomplish. 

We visited a local park to grill out in the evening. In true New Orleans fashion, it was raining when we arrived and sunny a few  minutes later. It was an extra blessing tonight to have Mike (who is the general contractor for the Baptist Association) join us for supper. He told us more about his ministry and the mission he is on. While we are looking forward to being reunited with our church families in Menomonie and Duluth, we will miss the people we have met and worked alongside here. Thank you for your prayers and support back at home, we will see you soon!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Domestic Mission NOLA: God is Good


God is Good! 

Today was a huge blessing. Not only did we get to sleep in, and have a day to see more of this beautiful area, but we were able to have church with the people that we have been working on the church for!! We were able to worship with them and listen to Pastor Jeff preach and hear some of how the people of this area have been watching us and been blessed by our work here. It was really cool to hear the stories they shared about conversations they were able to have with people about their church being rebuilt. The service wrapped up with Pastor Jeff asking all the married couples to come to the front to pray with the couples that were married and getting married in their congregation. 

After church we all went out to the Laura Plantation and got to see all of the history surrounding it. During the tour we were taught about the differences in how American homes were designed and how Creole homes were designed, and told stories about the families that lived here for generations. When we were done touring the plantation we took a highway back "home" over the bayou swamps and we started getting real silly after being in the car for that long! We ended the day with a trip to Waffle House for dinner before everyone went back to their rooms to gear up for the last workday tomorrow. Thanks for all your prayers! And know that we are praying for all ya'll too!