Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ever Take It Off Any Sweet Jumps?

That sweet piece of technology will be our transportation while we're in the Philippines The engine is under the front seat (as if there were another seat). It's got a manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, and off road tires on it. What a machine. It seats 2 in the cab and countless more in the back, so far it's carried 10 people and their baggage all over, even up a mountain.

Q: How awesome is that?
A: Pretty darn awesome.

Bird and I will be driving it extensively while on Cebu. And not crashing, at all. Not even a little bit.

Tim mentioned that he saw these for sale in the US somewhere in between Rochester and Minneapolis. Unfortunately they are not street legal in the US. I'm not sure why, it looks bigger than a Ford Festiva if you ask me. I'm also sure the Filipino version was A LOT cheaper than one you could buy here.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Shofar Mission Center

The Shofar Mission Center is a building situated atop of Cebu Island in the Philippines. This blog will be used to both chronicle as they happen, and keep a record of the actions and adventures of those who spend time there. At least for the moment the center will be daily occupied during the summers (June - August).

Shofar Mission Center is owned, operated, and blogged about by Jesus Fellowship of Believers - Menomonie. The first team going over will be 4 people taking some time off from their full-time occupations, and spending the summer there. The first 4 people going are Josh, Bird, Sara and Sara. Obviously some nicknames will be needed for the 2 Sara's less insurmountable confusion occur.

Expected activities include a lot of teaching, and in as many places as possible. A by application only discipleship class will be conducted in 2 locations, and eventually there will be a Shofar radio station.

Do not expect this blog to be updated regularly outside of the summer months.