Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So we have been in the Philippines for a couple weeks now, the internet is still not working, but Shofar is one heck of a place. Overall the country is hot, which I guess would make sense because it is in the tropics. Up at Shofar it can get warm, but there is always a breeze and it's often quite comfortable.

If you've been to the country you will understand the title of the post, if you haven't, allow me to explain. US military had a presence here for a long time. Get it yet? GI-Joe, does that help? If you're white and a guy, well maybe not even a guy, if you're white and Filipinos don't know your name, you are Joe. I've lost count of the number of times that I've had 'Hey Joe' shouted at me.

The country is full of quirks, but we are running out of time in the cafe. Hopefully I will be able to get the aircard working and we can get some more regular and better thought out posts up on the blog. I don't have time to re-read this, so pardon any typo's and gramatical errors that may occur.

vacation hot spot

its been some time ago that we visited father tropa's wonderland, but the smell of formaldehyde lingers as if i were still standing next to the baby fetus in a jar. the three eyed cow was amazing, and the turtle-riding frog is a "must-see". father tropa's freak fest emporium is a jolly respite for any out-of-towner. plastic dinosaurs, poor taxidermy, an elephant skeleton... it's everything i've ever wanted my bedroom to look like. i wanted to stay the night, but tim said no. at any rate, i've finally recieved my "vision" in ministry.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holy Toledo

We are sitting right now in Toledo City at the internet cafe. Please pray that we can get the internet to work up at Shofar. As of right now it isn't working. We are here today to buy more supplies for Shofar such as: fans, tupperware, broom, dishes, hardware, etc. It is very exciting!! Besides all that we are having a blast with only a few minor sicknesses along the way. Please pray that God keeps us healthy. We went on a fun nature hike last night around our resort...I hope that we can post some of the video footage we've taken over that past couple of days. It is so beautiful up here with so many unique creatures. We started the School of Discipleship class in Lutopan and the pig roast is this weekend to dedicate Shofar. Thanks to all of you who are praying and posting your comments. It is good to hear from you. - Sara T.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


today (sunday) we preached at a couple different churches, ate some chicken, sweated like pigs, drank coke, etc. tomorrow we will leave town...heading up to shofar. we'll be there tuesday to see where we'll be living for the next two months. we need to buy toilets and hammers and forks, then everything will be wonderful.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Shofar... Sho Good

First off, I'll give credit where credit is due. That title is from James in Dumegete, he's a local pastor, a great guy, with a tremendous grasp of american humor.

I'm writing this at 5:45 in the morning not because I love the early hours of the day, but because of jet lag. After battling to stay awake to 10 pm yesterday with the assistance of caffine pills, I woke up at 3:45 this morning. I'm also posting this from the hotel computer for a whopping 50 peso's per hour for internet. That's about $1.

Obviously we arrived safely as I am writing this, but I'm having some trouble getting the aircard (our internet access) working. I hope to resolve it today. Until I get it working, don't expect regular posts on the blog.

This is this morning's view. Not too shabby.

We've held the first class in Dumegete, and I think that it went pretty well. I'm really looking forward to seeing Shofar, but thats still a couple days away.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

we're leaving in three days.