Monday, August 28, 2006

The Kids Of The Philippines

The children in the Philippines seem to be exceptionally cute. Maybe it was just the ones near where we were living, who knows. But as I've been looking through my pictures that is a thought that I keep having. With that in mind I thought I'd put up a picture of a few of them.
I'm not sure who the two girls are on the outside edges, I think just neighbor kids that were wandering around, but the inside 4 (minus the one in the blue sweatshirt) are kids of Roy and Lucinda, the family we did the work on the house for. They were all super cute, and it seems rather photogenic.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I just wanted to let everyone know that we made it home safely. It's been a crazy summer, but don't expect this blog to stop now that we're back. I will be posting some pictures in the upcoming days and weeks.

Our flight home was a couple hours shorter than our flight going. That was quite welcome. See some of you at the church campout this weekend.

Monday, August 21, 2006

home again, home again..jiggity-jig.

im going camping this weekend. does anyone want to come with? i'll tell you about the trip if you show interested?

Thursday, August 17, 2006

last day

It is our last day on Cebu Island as we leave tomorrow morning. I will miss it here but yet I am also excited to come home. Today we said our final goodbyes to the students at the schools and tonight is our final Discipleship class in Lutopan (we arent' teaching just a fellowship night). So anyways we are just busy trying to finish cleaning and buying last items that are needed to close up Shofar. I really love it at Shofar...the next crew to come over is very blessed. I hope that Bird and I can come back some day. The people are so hospitable and fun. Thanks to all of you who checked on the blog, commented, and prayed for us. We all really appreciate it. See you all next weekend!

School is done

This week has been a week of "lasts." We finished up our last day teaching Christian values in at the Lowai and Lower Camp 8 schools this morning and tonight is our last meeting of the discipleship class in Lutopan. The class will be a celebration of of the time we've had together, so no teaching...just lots of eating! Good thing I'm so good at that :-)

Tonight is also our last night staying at Shofar. I'm really going to miss it here but am looking forward to seeing Wisconsin people and scenery again, too! I have been trying to remind myself to really soak everything in; all the sights and sounds and people. It still doesn't seem like this could be the end yet.

We have been cleaning and packing...and cleaning and packing all week long. Tomorrow morning we will be taking a van to Cebu and then flying from Cebu to Manilla for the last leg of our journey. We will spend the weekend in Manilla and then then begin the 18 hour journey home very early on Tuesday morning. Hopefully we can all make it through security with all the tightened regulations. We might get a little thirsty though since we can't even bring drinking water with us anymore! Salamat (thank you) for your persistance in prayer as we finish this great journey!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Class is Done

Our class in Dumaguete has finished. We got done with the material on saturday and then had some fellowship on Sunday. It was a good time. We (the four of us) really have enjoyed the class here in Dumaguete. The students are great, and I'm very eager to see what the future holds for them. This city is a different world from Lutopan, where our other class is. It's a college town, well a Filipino college town. Lutopan is a small mountain town.

In Dumaguete our class consisted of about 10 people, most between 16 and 25, with one person over 30. In Lutopan we have mostly parents, no one near 16, and some up into the 70's. It's quite a contrast, but we've really enjoyed each class.

On Sunday I taught the Sunday service at The Lords Church (TLC) and Bird taught at The Atrium church. If that means something to you, awesome. If not... well, they're different places. We had a pot-luck fellowship after the service at TLC. It consisted mostly of rice, pancit (sounds like paan-seat) which is a really good noodly dish, and some bean thing which they SAID was "Pork and Beans". However, when I say pork and beans, I do not think Philippines dish, I think busch's baked beans. Sara assures me they were very tastey, and yes, Tim, they were hot.

Today we are going to eat at Jo's Chicken one last time (the horror, the horror) and board the ferry to cebu. This is the beginning of the end. Well, the end of our last week in the Philippines anyway.

I'm thinking about trying balut this week. Check this out for more info. Sara says she won't kiss me if I eat it. We shall see.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

lost shoe and umbrella

today I was a bit absent minded....we went to a resort today to swim in the rain. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to swim in the ocean one last time before we returned home but as we were swimming a wave came and took one of my sandals. I didn't realize it for quite sometime so I thought there was no way that I would ever get it back and I would have to go back with only one shoe!! But God answered our prayers and a worker actually found my shoe down the beach!! Then I realized that I didn't have my umbrella either (which is a very high commodity here). I had left it at the restaurant where we got our shuttle to the beach. So, I thought for sure that would be gone as well but once again God answered my prayer and I went back to the restaurant and it was there. What a God we serve! He cares about every detail of our lives.... Sara T

see you soon.

alls well here. we've been having strong winds and rain these last several days due to typhoons in the area as far as i understand. its good that shofar is heavy, because if it wasnt it would fly away like dorothy's house. the ferry ride here was really something. four hours inside of a bobber was what it was. i got a souvenir puke bag for steve meyer. we are nearing the end of the trip, and havent got much on the agenda for this, our last weekend in dumaguete, so we took a van out to the beach and went swimming in the rain. we had a grand time. the trip isnt over by any means, so your continued prayer is still requested and greatly appreciated. see you soon.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

rocks and dirt.

thank you for your prayers concerning the retreat in was a success. very beautiful there..all were blessed. josh and i preached in a treehouse. it was a first for both of us. its wierd, but we are now making plans to return home..buying plane tickets etc. it wont be long now, but we need to remain focused while we're here. please dont stop praying yet.
this monday we worked hard to build a carport to park the truck in next to shofar. we also needed to build a ramp to drive the truck up, which was made of clay, rock, and gravel. we worked very hard, and had much help, and were able to complete the project in one day, which is a blessing because it free's us up to get other things done. its crunch time now. we're looking forward to seeing you all soon.

plane tickets

We just purchased our plane tickets to Manilla. I can't believe that our trip is coming to a close. It went by really fast. It has been such a privelege to be able to be on this trip and do the work we have here. This week at school Bird and I taught a small group of kids grades 3-6 at the 2 room school house. It was a lot of fun and the kids really had fun with Bird...anything he said seemed to be funny to them. I am beginning to love going to the schools more and more each week and I am sad that we only have one more time there.
Our plan is to leave for Manilla next Friday August 18th. We will do some ministry there on Saturday at Mary Vic's and Sunday one of the guys will teach at a church in Manilla. Then leave Tuesday morning at 3am for the airport.
Thanks to all of you who have been commenting on the is nice to hear from all of you. In response to some questions: Erik- Lumpia is a Philippino version of an egg roll. Cory - Yes, Jo's chicken and no we have not been to the services at Calvary Chapel in Dumagete.

Chefs in the making

The retreat last weekend in Dumaguete turned out to be a great weekend of learning, fellowship, food, and fun! After the opposition we experienced right up to the retreat, it's no wonder that God really blessed our time together. We learned about the call, character, cost, and compensation of discipleship.

We were able to take a ferry back to Cebu on Sunday instead of Monday this weekend, giving us an extra day to spend at Shofar. The Lando & Evelyn spent the day with us, Lando helping the guys to build a carport for the truck and Evelyn teaching Sara and I how to make lumpia and biko, two specialty dishes from the Philippines. We had so much fun and will hopefully be able to show off our newly acquired Filipino cooking skills to some of you back home!

Hard to believe we have just over a week left at Shofar! Today we are doing some errands in Toledo and working on tying up some of the loose ends before heading back to the states. Looking forward to seeing friends and family again!

Friday, August 04, 2006

hello again

hello again...we are sitting in Cafe Atrium waiting to go to forest camp for our discipleship retreat for the night. I am really looking forward to this weekend and I hope that is a good time of reflection for all of us as it will be on the call, character, cost, and compensation of discipleship. The 4 C's. The guys finished the house (as they probably already wrote about it) and will then begin to work on a car port at Shofar. Eveyln (Pastor Lando's wife) will be teaching us how to make Lumpia and Bikko while the guys work. I am really looking forward to it!
We only hae two weeks left and lots of work to do so it is going to go by fast! But for now I am hungry so...we get to once again it the best chicken at Joe's. Take Care - Sara T.


we have just arrived in dumaguete after spending the week at shofar finishing the project of rebuilding a neighbors house. it turned out really great, and we were all blessed...those who worked on the house, as well as those who live there. thank you to all who were dilligent about praying for that endeavor. i am honestly blessed to know tat we are constantly in so many of your prayers...sometimes i believe that we are seeing the results of such dedication on your part, but its hard to know exactly how. thank you also for your prayers concerning the retreat this weekend (which is scheduled to begin in 3 hours). lots of craziness has been hapenning around us that leads us to believe that we are facing much spiritual opposition. its good to know that we are making an impact, and again i believe that you are all playing a part in this. next week will be a little change of pace as we will be spending more time at shofar to finish up several maintenance/building projects before we come home. i hope that you're all doing well over there. you're on just as much of a "mission field" as we are. it'll be good to see you all again soon.

Finished the House!

I know, not a very witty title. We are back in Dumaguete once again for the retreat we are doing this weekend but have some time before we meet to leave for the 24 hour retreat. It's been an insane few weeks leading up to it, so I'm excited to see what God will do. Bird and I have studied as much as possible, and are prepared. We will let you know how it goes afterword.

The subject is in reference to Roy and Lucinda's house, the one that you saw pictures of a few posts down. It's now done. All said, it took 5 days of work to complete. One day for each of the walls, and one day for the roof. Believe it or not, I managed to shed blood on EVERY one of those days. Nothing major mind you, just dropping lumber on myself and that type of thing. All said though, it's been a blast. I don't have the ability right now to put a picture up of the completed house, but it looks really nice. Particularly when you compare it to what stood there before.

We built a new house around the old one, but one wall at a time. The only thing left of the old house is the floor. It's not quite square, but that's because it's built around the old house, which also wasn't quite square. But you can't tell unless you get a tape measure out.

Let me tell you something about the family. Lucinda (the mother) is 30 years old and is pregnant with their 8th child. Roy carries rocks up around the mountains for a living. He picks up rocks at one spot, puts them in bags, and carries them to another. That is the job available to him, and he's far from the only one in the area doing it. For that he makes less than P100 per day. When we entered the Philippines the exchange rate was P52 to $1. You can do the math, that's under $2 a day. On that he feeds 9 people, soon to be 10.

He and his family were very blessed and were also witnessed to by Beloy who helped with the building. If you don't know who Beloy is, wait, there will be a post coming sometime about him.

That's all for the moment.