Saturday, October 21, 2006


Being the first ones back since the three month team left in August, we immediately got busy on the cleanup. You know...the beer cans in the yard...towing out the dead cars and painting over the grafitti. Actually, the place looks we just left an hour before. Someone did steal our outside faucet and the caretaker has acquired 9 roosters that begin the "battle of the bands" at around 2:30 am...but it's hard to complain. It's good to be here. I do however have visions of dressing in full battle fatigue and camo face paint...stealthily creeping across the ground in the dark witha knife between my teeth. But enough on chickens. All in all things couldn't be going better. We met with our attorney...gathered the members of the shofar missions inc together...drank alot of coffee...signed our paperwork...planned for the future...opened a bank account and excuted a full military coup and took over a Jollybee's burger joint. The guys are as excited at the future possibilities. We are but second string players that got thrown into the "big game." I don't know if that all occured in some heavenly lottery system, because it is not because we deserve such or are in anyway worthy. But it's our big chance...we aim to make it count. So we're eatin' bananas and prayin' and skeemin'. God is playing an awesome game...and we believe it's only the first quarter up here. Go God.

Monday we meet with the broadcast man here at Shofar to discuss the final aspects of the radio station and it's construction. Pray for us...we want no late blitzes by the enemy! The new radio room is awesome and from the window there we can just see the edge of heaven. It's a surreal experience. We look forward to seeing what God will do next. We're just here in the Philippines...on top of Cebu island...flickin' our bicks and slowly waving them to the rythmn of His music. What a concert. What a show! What will do for an oncore?

alive and well...
Pastor Tim, Sharon, Nehemiah Dan and Deb