Sunday, July 22, 2007

News from Shofar

Travis and Brady volunteered to help dig a trench in our community. It basically goes all the way down the mountain so it is quite the project. The community leader was VERY thankful. Doing these kinds of things is really opening doors for ministry in the community.

This is all of us trying "young coconut" for the first time. We were drinking the "water" in this picture. You have never had coconut until youve tried young coconut. Mmmmm.

THis is Moses and Travis at the famous pool hall in Toledo. We have gone there a few times just to hang out with the locals and play pool. Moses is a cool old guy who really likes Tim. We got to give him a Bible!He was really happy.

THis is Nathan son of Pastor Londo and Evelyn. He is in the "mimick what the adults are doing stage" and this is him being a "little Travis" With his bandana. Travis is always wearing one.SOoo cute!When can I have one????he he.

Us hanging out at the pool hall in the rain.

SO as for news...Only 3 weeks left guys! Can you believe we have even been gone this long? Don't give up praying for us though. We really need to finish well!Doors just keep opening and we keep walking through. THe schools are going well. We are going to five different schools Now. We started all of them at different times so we teach different things at all of them which makes for some heavy prep time. We have been attempting to add in as many Cebuano words as possible during or classes, and it seems to be helping in keeping there attention. It is a challenge with many of the elementary classes having more than 1OO children. The highschool class seems very responsive too. We just started painting verses on the walls in San Carlos jail. Brady came up with this cool "fill in the box" system for tracing the letters without a projector. We have one verse outlined and the inmates will prob have it painted by next week. The boys are getting supplies today for the Shelter we are building in the TOledo jail. We will start that this week as well. Trav and I went to Samboan this weekend to teach at a Calvary there. We finally tried out the oh so trecherous buses we always see whipping around blind corners going 4O mph, playing really loud slim shady .There were no seats open for the first portion of the ride, and I found out I have no sence of balance whatsoever, but it was kinda fun and exciting.They take you really far for really cheap. And you just sort of randomly flag these things down when they drive by and tap on the metal pole with a coin when you want to get off. Would never work in America...but here it works like a charm. THe church in Samboan was cool too. They have sort of a foster care program going on there. SO lots of kids. Pastor Reggie and his wife were teling us that home studies work well there because people are too afraid to actualy attend Sunday services because of fear of the Catholic Authorities, but they are comfortable with homestudies cuz it is more personal and they can ask questions. IT seems to be like that everywher in the Philippies.Keep praying for the radio and our health. We have a lot to do in a short time. Every ministry we are doing is a blast.Im especially excited about all the personal connections we have been making with the community. I went and played with a bunch of kids at the basketball court and they were so cute. When we finally all sat down, they asked if I would tell them a story. I said I don't know cebuano, and they said tell us a story about Jesus!!! Broke my heart.
Peace from the Philippines. See you in a few weeks!
Love leslie

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Major Photo Bombardment..

Unsa na family? (what's up) We are currently on the first evening of our little vacation weekend and I decided to post a ridiculous amount of photos for you all. They say more than words so I hope you enjoy. Make sure you check out the three, that's right, three posts of photos below. There should be twenty in all for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for checking in on us here. It's nice to know you're all with us in spirit. Oh ya, hope you are all having a blast camping right now! Eat some bacon-wrapped jalepeno delight for us!!
The Photos: 1. Brady playing chess with some locals 2. Truck and crew at the basketball tournament 3. The boys with the barangay captain 4. Brady teaching the mob at Poog elementary 5. Leslie make picture

Photos: 1. The boys in their sharp new jerseys; aren't they so cute? 2. The weather these days..every day 3. Camp 7 elementary school 4. What happens around the end of month 2 here 5. Leslie and her posse at the b-ball tournament

Photos: 1. we were pretty excited about our care package (thanks for the spidey sticks Beck, I think we'll use them as gekko sticks as well) 2. Trevor-too fat to get off her haunches 3. Brady mcguyver'd the tiny philippino broom that once brought on the backache from bending over 4. this is our San Carlos friday nite youth group-very excited about a memory game we played 5. and last but not least-Morton-the result of Leslie practicing with homemade clay for school...

Photos: 1. a philippino latte 2. chicken frying bandits (spicy powder was going up our noses) 3. the boys with Andy-our San Carlos youth leader 4. a strange little espresso gnome that got into Shofar 5. the girls getting ready know.

Friday, July 06, 2007

The Death of 2 Natives and other stuff..

Hey family. This will be short and sweet. Sorry it has taken us so long to update. Our schedule has gotten a bit busier and we are blessed for it. Picture explanations: The first construction photo is Romollo's house right by Shofar. The 2nd is the building for Lando's outreach at Lantowan that we are involved in on Sundays. The wall lineup is at the San Carlos jail. Those are some of our inmates that the fellas minister to standing amidst. We are privileged to have been offered a painting project there and this was the beginning. We had to scrub the original paint off, which was like chalk, in order to avoid ours peeling. We will be painting simple black Bible verses on there, 4 to start with. The death of 2 natives is the scene going on in the 4th pic. Leslie and I with our kill (notice the bloody blade). Evelyn slit the throats, Leslie held the legs. It was amazing yet, horrifying.. We saved the more graphic footage for our family viewing in August (vegetarians beware..). The last photo is a praying mantis we discovered on the laundry line on the front porch. I had to get a closer look.
So, we got accepted to teach in 3 more schools. One is the HIGH SCHOOL!!! This has been a long-anticipated goal and we were part of history in the making yesterday. We feel incredibly honored and blessed to minister to those kids. Travis taught and it was something to behold. They were very respectful and were most definately listening. We had approximately 120 kids packed into one room to hear us. We also went to the elementary school of camp 7, attached to the high school, the same day. We had at least 150 children and that was without the 6th grade which we will have the next time... We start teaching at Poog elementary next Tuesday. The boys have joined a basketball tournament on the weekends and were required to get jerseys to participate. That is one cool ministry opportunity and that's all I will say because I'm sure the boys would love to fill you all in on the details. We will be starting a building project at Toledo jail hopefully next week or so; more details to come. The jails have been amazing. Those folks have grown close to our hearts and our departure is all to soon a comin. We go to get our visas this Monday and will meet with Oliver, the manager of the band we hosted, for dinner. We are all growing and stretching and growing some more. Lando and Evelyn are like family and we are embracing every last moment with them. We are seeing doors opening wide for our future teams and can't wait to see what God will do. Thanks for your prayers. Miss ye all..