Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Last week

We are in the last week of our stay here in the Philippines. Today we did our last visit in the schools. We have been really busy tying up loose ends. Today I spent five hours at the mechanics getting the truck worked over. Then I got to drive it to Talisay and back. This road is crazy, narrow, with a serious cliff edge hundred of feet straight down. I have been greatly honored to be found worthy to drive the church truck on such a dangerous road. We were very grateful to survive the drive home in the dark. It has been really emotional saying good bye to all the people we have ministered to and with, especially since we may never return here again. We have been taking much of video and pictures for a formal presentation when we return. Today I got some sweet video of a gecko attacking a kid at school. They were aggravating the thing and then it jumped off the wall onto a boy that was tormenting him and tried to repeatedly bite him. Luckily he didn't break the skin. So anyways, continue to pray for us cause we still have some last minute tasks to accomplish. Looking forward to seeing you all again! Brady