Monday, June 30, 2008

This is how our Monday went.

We did our first official radio interview.

The girl's cleaned.

Jungle and Phatty slept while the mold burnt off the furniture by the sun.

Nancy...well I'm not sure what Nancy is doing?

The guys helped pic rocks for the new extended drive way.

We put Thomas's kids to work.
And while we also did our first radio Study/text-in show we call "Men on Fire" (madan sigon) the girls studied for school's this week.

So it was a good day here and we all enjoyed some mac and cheese with Tabasco. Then three sunsets showed up and that made us all very happy.
This week stay tuned for the long awaited Camp 7 pics from the elementary and the highschool.
...till next time.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Slow Boat to San Carlos

The women enjoyed a good bible study in the Toledo jail this past Friday.

This weekend was our first trip to San Carlos to minister in the San Carlos Jail (due to last weekend's typhoon).

Jail ministry in San Carlos went well. We have a two hour block from 8-10 on Saturday mornings so we had a good amount of time to get to know the inmates and teach on our first day.

We spent some time this afternoon prepping for next week's school lesson on men of faith in Genesis (Noah, Abraham, etc.).

Jones (of the Anakim) spent some time discussing the finer points of sandals with the Security Gaurd's son Angelo before church today. Jones lost his sandals in an arm wrestling match against Angelo shortly after this picture.

We found a good swimming hole by Shofar...all in all, a successful weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Getting Schooled

This week we finally get to put all of our school planning into action! We're currently in 3 schools (and hopefully 5 starting next week) teaching Bible stories from Creation to Jesus. The video we get to show the kids is really beautiful and they seem to like it a lot. We're showing the video every other week, so this week is our chance to do activities and discussion to get them to think more about what they saw. We split the kids up into 3 groups (100+ kids per group at some schools, other schools are smaller). Nancy and Jeremy have the 1-2nd graders, Mike and Sheena the 3-4th graders and Laura and Nate have the 5-6th graders. Here are a few school pictures...

Lots of planning and discussion went into coming up with lessons that would be fun and get through to the kids.
Lando and the guys went to talk to the principals of different schools to get permission for us to come in.
The amazing view from the small country school of Upper Camp 8
This is the chalk mural about creation that that Laura and Nate's group made. I like how the bird is bigger than the mountain :)
Mike and Sheena's group played "What's in the Box?" They put different things related to creation in the box and the kids got to reach inside and guess.
Jeremy and Nancy's kiddos did the feltboard and sang songs. They sang "Our God is and Awesome God"
The kids at Loay all packed into a little room, some had to stand, but they never complained and loved the movie.
There's no shortage of cute kids here!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Low Pressure Has Got Us Down

So, we woke up friday morning to a windy and rainy night.
We later found out that tropical storm "Frank" was headed for us. Our plan was to head to San Carlos to start our work with the youth and in the Jails this weekend. But, as you can imagine our plans changed. The weather service here upgraded it to a typhoon("Fengshuen"), and now we are just waiting for it to move back out to sea. The worst of it is over. We are all safe so need to worry. The electricty is still on here(otherwise i wouldn't be typing) and for the most part it is like going through a bad blizzard. (just with rain). Evelyn(Lando's wife) says that this isn't a bad storm. Either way, its the second day of this, and my ears popped from the low pressure. (crazy!) Hardly any lightning though. I found that interesting. So right now we are pretty much rained out and just holding the fort. The cool thing is this gives us ample time to study, and mop and bail water, and spend time with God and get to know each other better.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life goes on...

Hi everybody! We are coming up on the end of the first week without our other half. As the title goes on. The first day was filled with thoughts like "Let's ask Tim" or "Let's see what Sharon has to say about that". But alas, they were on their way back home. We muddled through that first day and now seem to be figuring stuff out ALL BY OURSELVES. We still have the lifeline to you all back home but somehow it still feels like we are baby birds being pushed out of the nest. It's either fly or crash. We want to fly. Thanks for all your prayers and please continue. Now I am fully aware of how it feels to see half the team leave. This is a huge blessing and we're all grateful for this opportunity.

Here's what we've been up to:

We still eat...lots more room at the table...even used candles and ate italian...filipino style

We still go to the jail

We test radios

We feed Phatty

We teach at the schools. This is the elementary school at Loay. Just down the very roller coaster type we walk.

Here we are walking. Sheena has already learned how to carry things...Filipino style. This is the road to Loay.

AND...Jeremy has learned the "Filipino squat".
We love you all and pray we continue learning and growing.

Monday, June 16, 2008


The first half of the team left this morning... ='( Here are some highlight of the sendoff.

Tom going back to America:

Tim says "BE GOOD." Tom agree's from afar.

Shirley (guards wife) and Evelyn (Pastor Lando's Wife) cut younge coconut for a send off.

The ones left behind... now what do we do?

God sends the team off with a bang.

Saturday, June 14, 2008