Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Youth Retreat and More

Hello to all. This is Mike, posting via Sheena's log-in (for some reason Blogger won't let me uplaod pics through my account tonight). We have been busy over here as we approach shut-down time for Shofar. Last Sunday was our final Discipleship class at Lando's church. Jeremy taught and we had a good discussion about the character of God & how that impacts our daily lives & choices.

After church we were blessed with the opportunity to teach a retreat for the youth at Lando's church. We all went to Spring Park for the retreat (some will remember this as the place that teams stayed prior to Shofar). We spent the afternoon having two bible study sessions: one on serving and supporting eachother in the body of Christ, and the other on purity (divided guys/girls). After the studies we played some games and hung out at the park.

Here, the guys make their attempt at untying the 'human knot'...At the end of the evening we stopped at a hut on the way out of the park that had (you guessed it...) a karaoke machine. Lando and Jeremy sang a duet...
And Nancy belted out "The Impossible Dream". Yes it is all on video, and you can reserve your own copy for a modest price...
We also got to teach the guys how to play around the world ping-pong, which I am sure would make Josh H. proud.

This week we will be wrapping up the ministries here so that we can prepare Shofar for our departure. Today was our last day in Lower Camp 8 school and Camp 7 HS. We taught a lesson at the elementary that recapped all of our lessons this summer (which cover the entire bible from Gen.-Rev.). We used songs that fit the topics of our lessons throughout the summer, which proved to be a great method for reveiw (our kids love to sing).

After our final study at the HS we were able to stay and talk with some of the High Schoolers. Most of them live near Shofar (Cabanbanan) and we have been able to play b-ball and hang out in a more casual setting. They shared a dance number that they have been preparing for a pagent scheduled tomorrow night; and man can these kids dance.

And, for those who have been to Spring Park, or know the legend of Rez dog...She lives!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Concert Numero Uno & Camp Otso School

The first Ainos concert was this past Friday at Cantabaco. After getting back from Toledo Jail in the morning we spent the rest of the day setting up, picking up the band, spreading the word, and helping to have everything run as smoothly as possible. Jeremy put together some great radio promo's that ran throughout the week to help get the word out about the concert, so many people knew that it was going to be that night. We get to drive through Cantabaco about two times a week so it was great for us to ge to spend time there getting to know some community members and to do something free for them. The night went very well, thank you all for your prayers! We estimate that somewhere around 175-200 people came to see the concert.
Last year's Street Level video had a wonderful response! Below is pictured Pastor Lando addressing the crowd explaining what Jesus did for us and how we can know him personally.
The band has a great stage presence that draws people to the stage and they are not shy and do not hold back about Jesus and why they are really there. They also have a sort of "hit" song that this area knows them for, it's all about "dried fish in the morning, dried fish in the afternoon, dried fish at night..." and the song continues to talk about wanting something more from life. They also plugged SHOFAR RADIO 107.1 DYJF about 10 times! We are looking forward to the next concert in Camp 6 (aka: Manipis) this weekend.
Saturday we painted Upper Camp 8 Elementary School- here are some before pictures- but we are going to make you wait until we come back to see the after shots! The inside back wall was primed for a possible project for the 2009 team. Here is a picture of Mike and some students helping scrub down the wall.
This is Grace, the only official teacher at Upper 8 (there is also Jasmin who is an awesome volunteer teacher) applies the first brush strokes of paint to the outside wall. She teaches all grades from ages 6 to some students who are 16 years old and her favorite color is blue.
Our expert trimmers began the edges...

Jefferson was one of our main helpers that day. He is a very talented boy in many ways! As you can see from the paint on him... it was a lot of fun! All together we had about 6 parents come to help and about 15 students. A great day!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things...

Hey family!
Sorry it's been so long between blogs, our internet's been down for a few days. The good news is that a lot has happened since our last post! We've been really blessed over this past week to see relationships deepening with the people that God has surrounded us with in our community. We've had chances to talk with the teachers that we work with in the schools and hear their stories, and to be blessed by their selfless attitudes and hard work with their students. On saturday we plan to paint the exterior of Camp 8 Elementary School, (which is currently just gray concrete) and the teacher there has invited parents of the students to come and help out! We're pretty excited and can't wait to see the building in it's new "aqua blue" clothes!

Our neighbors in the town of Cabanbanan are really cool and laid back and they laugh a lot. They also like to listen to our attempts at Cebuano- we probably sound like little kids learning to talk or like Tarzan butchering the language, but they are tickled pink by the fact that we're trying :) Here's a few kids that we've been getting to know.

For Nancy, Sheena and I, Monday was an adventure. We traveled down a mountain path to deliver a food package to a family we know that attends Lando's church. We met up with the mom in the town of Loay and then followed her over rocks, through cornfields, and down the side of a mountain to her home. The view from her house was breathtaking! We enjoyed visiting with her and playing with the kids.

There's been a few construction projects in the works...

The boys worked on bathroom doors, the guard's house was painted to match Shofar (that's Shirley the guard's wife and their daughter Sherlyn- we are all agreed that they're the cutest family of all time), and Shofar got a fresh coat of paint.

We shipped Jones off last Thursday with pastor Lando to go to go teach at an outreach in the small village of Canap Napan. It was an adventure for Jones as well! Then on Sunday Mike and Sheena set out at the crack of dawn to Calvary Chapel Samboan (about a 4 hour trip). Mike taught the service and both of them were really blessed by the experience.

Teenagers are kind of becoming a soft spot for all of us as we've had the chance to teach them at youth groups in San Carlos at William's church, on Sundays in Lutopan, and classes on Tuesdays at Camp 7 High School. We love the questions they bring up and appreciate their honesty! We've honed a few rowdy youth group games that feature us making fools of ourselves in order to play with them and get them laughing before we do the Bible studies in girls and guys groups.
Please pray for us this week as we will be putting on a concert with the band "Ainos" on Friday in the town of Cantabaco, and painting Camp 8 school on Saturday. We're also looking forward to Evelyn, pastor Lando's wife, teaching us to cook Filipino food on saturday! We love you all and you're in our prayers as well!