Saturday, May 30, 2009

The best of times, the worst of...well not so best times

We have only been at Shofar for a few days now, and we are finding out quickly that things tend to operate at the two far ends of the spectrum with very little time spent in the middle. ex.

Devil: Unexplainable frustrating problems with the sound system
God: Allows us to cobble it together enabling us to show the film "Most" at the youth conference. There were over a hundred youth there from ages 16 and up. The short film of a father sacrificing his son to save a train full of people grabbed and held their attention. We had both guys and girls come up afterward and tell us that they were really impacted by the message of the film and how it shows God's love in a real way.

God: Allows us to teach the youth about living a pure life as they walk with God. We split the large group in to two sections of males and two sections of females. Ryan and Andy taught the guys and Carrie and Laura taught the girls.
(Sharon taught the dogs)

Devil:Unexplained problems with the truck on the way home from the retreat; stalling out, getting going; stalling out, getting going.....

Devil: Unable to use the truck to get back to the youth retreat for the second day. The team had to stay behind as Tim went on to teach.
God: We were able to get some deep cleaning done at Shofar and get a better handle on how things are going to be set up for the summer; all the while having a great time of fellowship together.
All in all God is coming out on top and we're sticking with Him.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Are Here!

Yes, the title probably tells you a lot. We are here. Things are good, we have been setting things up at Shofar today, getting ready for the rest of the team to come. We've also been learning how to hand wash our clothes, cook, clean, and fixing the truck! We are all very glad to be here, and to be able to settle in for the long haul. It's an awesome opportunity to see Shofar now that it's built. I really forgot how the view was from here!!! Thomas and Shirley were here to greet us when we got here, as well as Jungo and what we believe to be a puppy of the dog we called Fatty. There were only a few spiders when we got here...: ) Probably the greatest thing to see for me was the radio room! We've been listening to the station nonstop since we got here, and I can't wait for the radio interviews that we will be doing with the Burning Dog team on Sundays! Right now, we are looking forward to teach a youth conference on purity tomorrow and Saturday that Av, Londo's daughter hooked us up with. So for the rest of the day, we will continue to pray for us!! Miss ya'll...much love. Shofar Team 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ready to go!

Well, after much debate I have finally picked out my wardrobe for the Philippines.
That being done I think I am ready to go. The months of preparation have steadily ticked by and here we sit less than two weeks until we leave. If I had another year to prep, I think that I would still feel unprepared and unqualified to be going on a missions trip half way around the world. But, if I have learned one thing over the past year it is that God is not depending upon my preparations or qualifications to get His will accomplished. He has great things in mind for the coming three months, and I am excited just to be a part of it all.
Getting ready to go is one thing, getting ready to leave is something else. This past month we have been setting things in order to leave the house and dog for the summer. The hardest part will be not getting to see friends and family for that long. It has been great to have all of the retreats and conferences this spring, they gave us time to get away and hang out with you all before we go.
We will be posting updates of the events and images of our trip regularly over the summer, we hope to hear back from all of you so that you can keep us updated with the goings on back home.
Thanks in advance for all of your prayers, apart from God's involvement we can do nothing.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Oy, Ikaw diay!

Can you hear that? What your hearing is the clock tickin' down the time. All we have between us and an airplane ride is a discipleship conference and a wedding... Which makes my mind & body shudder just a little bit to think about. Then, there is the adrenaline junky side of me that is excited to see what God is going to do. Not only through us, but also in us.
Like Tim says, "Now, is the time where you take all of the training that you have had through the years and put it to use."

One of the many things that I look forward to seeing is Shofar. Carrie and I were blessed to see the missions center when it was at it's beginning in 2004. Where we were able to help mix the cement and dig the hole for the "comfort room." Which since that day, I vowed that I would go back and use that very same toilet... Thank you for your love, time, and support as we go over there to our family on the other side of the world, " And see what God us going to do."

Well, Hi There...

Hi.  Caarrie here...I am very excited...yes, that's the word.  20 days now until we leave for Shofar.  I can clearly see God working in all of us going on the trip.  I know that there will be many many things we will learn over there (it's already starting) and that God will bless us muchismo!  In these last couple of weeks, we have a retreat with our church in Black River Falls, in which I am planning on spending time with my family here, along with gathering as much past experience info as I possibly can from last year's team!!  
Then it will be bye-bye!!...and for three months we'll spend with our friends in the Philippines!  I can't wait to see Evelyn and Londo...etc!!  So, pray for us!  And keep up on the blogging while we are there, k?

Maayo, ako si Laura.

You'd think a year before leaving for a long term mission trip would be easy; not so! Prepping for this trip has not been easy and quite different that what I thought it would be. This past year I have lost work, my youthful-feeling body, car keys 2x, the popcorn maker, a paper that has to be handed back in, my notebook with notes in it (which I think is upstairs) and my mind on many occasions. If there isn't one lesson I've been taught over and over again is that God has got it all under control and I should be comforted/"chill". Andy and I were in the Philippines in 2001 and remember a few things. We were even on Cebu Island, but I have never seen Shofar beyond drawings and photos.

So, I'm moving forward with T-20 days (in hopes that God will help me to remember everything I have to do before I go) excited to "do this thing" and honored that God picked us and helped prepare us! I also look forward to blogging you guys, I even think I'll like giving cyber hugs, too.