Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Paint!

Today, we started the morning off in a video conference with JFB back home. After the call was finished we set off to Loay... We taught Pilgrim's Progress and finished off the school name.
One of the schools that we have been involved with over the years is Upper Camp 8. Last year's team primed the back wall in effort so that this year's team could paint a mural...
The awesome thing that we have to our advantage is an art teacher. Andy, while looking at a coloring book was able to freehand the picture on the wall. The next step was starting to paint. So we gave the kid's instructions and a paint brush and put them to work. It was a great time to be able to work next to the kids and see their faces light up as the mural started to come together. The are a pretty precious group of kids We made a lot of head way but there is still some finishing work, but it
looks great.

There are some prayer requests that we have. The weather, there are many projects we would like to finish. With this sometimes students leave early for home because they have to walk home. The radio, we are finding out more and more that many people from islands all over the Philippines are listening. Thanks...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday busy Sunday

This past weekend brought some new teaching experiences for Ryan and I. Sunday Ryan was able to teach the disciples class before church at Freedom In Christ (Lando's church) as well as the sunday message. Av had her first experience at being the translator. Ryan taught some sound biblical doctrine on the topic of God's love. We couldn't understand everything that Av was saying but we were able to pick out a few words like, Inferno, Brimstone, Turns or Burns.... She looks Filipino, but she may be southern baptist after all.

After church there was an inter-church youth gathering. diferent youth groups from Lutopan, Toledo and the surrounding area all came together for their monthly meeting. The topic for the day was "Humility" to help drive the point home, all of the chairs were removed from the church so that everyone would need to sit on the floor. Before the groups arived, the floor got a good deep clean and wax, which would have taken a long time if not for the dynamic cleaning team of Carrie and Erline. OK, so most of the time they were just playing slip and slide but they did help.

Once all of the crew was there we played a few games, you will have to ask Ryan about the "tie the hankie around your neck game" all I can say is that it was a close call. I was able to teach on Philippians cpt.2, how that keeping an accurate view of who God is, and who we are is one of the keys to being truely humble. All in all a busy weekend. We are off to lower camp 8 this morning. Looking forward to seeing you all at the church camp out next month, save us a spot.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gusto ka mas popcorn?

Friday night, we were able to have an outdoor movie in Cabanbanan. (which is right down the road from Shofar) LD prepared the popcorn, and lots of it. We had three big bins full, and thought it would be nice to bring cups to serve it in to anybody who showed up. The idea of an outdoor movie was ....pretty weird for everybody, I think.

There were sooo many kids that showed up, it was awesome. We walked up and down the road, and invited people...the word spread pretty quick. At just the sight of me starting up my laptop...these kids were SO excited, and giggling...I was pretty floored by their glee...

We were able to show the Jesus film, AND it was a kid's version, AND it was in Visayan! AND it was without any power!!! Everything was on battery, the projector, ipod, screen (obviously)! After a night like this, we all feel pretty unworthy of such amazing experiences. The parents and kids were very thankful, and surprised with this movie, because we didn't really say anything, we just went down there, and set it up.

Earlier in the day on Friday, we went to the jail in Toledo. Evelyn and Londo rode with us in the truck, and we were able to get some good fellowship time in with them on the way and the way back.
We also were able to go into Manipis for a second time. And taught on the 2nd of the four lessons we will have with the highschoolers. The great thing about Manipis, is the kids seem really interested, and they get very involved with the lesson. We talked about Christian finding his friend Faithful, and their continuing journey together.

Well, keep praying for us! It's going by pretty fast...but we don't want to talk about that right now : ) Love ya'll.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can you say paint?

Paint is the name of the game this week. Oh yes, we are still in the schools and jail this week, too. It's been busy, with lots of stuff to do. The truck radiator is being replaced today so were are out of a truck but the walking has been good for us.

As Ryan already mentioned in the last blog we painted Lando's church last Saturday/Sunday. It was fun to paint next to kids that have never painted before. I think they had fun and Lando and Evelyn were blessed, too.

Monday we painted the second level of Shofar - the side facing the hillside. A tad bit scarey up on a 24" ledge in a foreign country.

Wednesday we traced the mural at Upper Camp 8 and Loay (at dusk).

And today, Thursday, we started to paint the signage at Loay. We will have to retrace and paint the second part of the signage on another night and day when we have time. I think the projector was starting to sag and our smaller text was going down hill when we looked at it this morning, too funny.

Whoever is praying for good weather, God heard yours and our prayers. Put away the ponchos and pull out the sunblock. It has been a gorgeous week with little rain. We've seen fluffy clouds, pink sunsets and Andy said he thinks he can see a planet in the sky at night. Until next time...LD

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a blast!

This weekend was a blast that went by so fast! Saturday morning was when it all started ... Our plan was to go to Loay to paint the schools name and possiblily a mission statement... Can you believe that it rained? So we actually had a change of plans...
On the way down to Lutopan, to Pastor Lando's church. We stopped off and picked up Martes and Mary Grace. Two girls from Camp 7 High School that show signs of promise... We all hopped in the multi-cab and headed out to Freedom in Christ.
Our goal in mind was to wipe the walls down and get them prepped for a good painting on Sunday after youth group...
All of this and more was done before we were to head out to Toldeo City for our Interchurch Community Leadership Class...We cleaned up at 1:30pm and were on our way by 2pm. There were Andy taught about the preparation of leaders... it was a great study... We were all blessed and challenged... Then after some minor fix on the truck we were on our way home...
The next day was Sunday... Carrie and I were able to teach the Discipleship Class at the church. While Andy and Laura headed out to Toledo to record a Pastor for our local pastor teaching segment on Shofar Radio...After church was youth... as you can tell they are a real serious bunch... they really need to "lighten up"
After going through Pilgrim's Progress with the youth. We all went to work painting the church... We were able to finish painting the church with a minimal amount of paint fights...
We celebrated with sweet corn cooked over a bed of charcoal and a choice of a glass of Coke or Sprite... It took me
back to the old "Koinonia" days... I made mention of this to Lando... How great it was to be able to do work with him and the youth, to finish it all off
with eating and fellowship... Two of my favorite things...
Please keep us in prayer as we are going into the schools, jails, and spending time with the area youth...
God bless...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The last couple days have been some catching up since our excursion to Dumaguete and Cebu Cities. We are glad to be back into the schedule of school, jail, and youth...and of course radio work : )
As we were saying, we are excited to go into Manipis tomorrow, and teach for the first time. It seems that the High School there will be a great opportunity. (assuming we can make it up the hill with all our equipment, ha!)
We are also looking forward to seeing the Lutops youth again, being that we missed them last week. Soon we will be doing some projects with them on the Freedom in Christ Church, like washing the walls and painting...I know we will have a blast with them doing that.
Here are a couple of pics...from the schools this week. It's been such a great time getting to know all these kids and teachers. (understatement)
There is one picture of the view from Manipis, just to give you all an idea of the hike we have in front of us tomorrow. If you look closely, you can see our truck way down there. There is well above 300 steps up to that High School!
Tomorrow we will also be going to Loay to trace their school name on their wall. (Another hike! Burn the fats!) We are veeery excited to get that project started! Saturday we plan on doing to painting of it.
We will let you know how all of these plans pan out....: )

Monday, July 13, 2009

Aaahhh Dumagette

A crew came to put a grounding system near the tower by Thomas & Shirley's. It was an elaborate grid system thingy.

Wednesday was our last day until we left for Dumagette. Above, Andy and Ryan are putting the final touches on the outside bathrooms.

Above is the completed roof at the Toldeo Jail. It was the first time the boys used the new space. They said it was great having a shaded area to teach in and it also made the screen more visible. The concrete floor is the last thing to be completed - it may even be done when we go back there this Wednesday.

Thursday we left mid morning (after our church video interview back in Menomonie). We drove 1 hour to catch the ferry, 2 hours on the ferry and 5 hours on a bus to get to Dumagette. We needed to go so we could renew our visas. Friday morning when we arrive at the immigration office, we found out that we would have to wait until Monday - the person signing our visas was out of the office until then. So, we spent Friday afternoon and Saturday in Dumagette - getting a little R&R and headed back to Shofar without renewed visas on Sunday. Our arrival back to Shofar was good. I was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Monday we left Shofar early, early. We reached Tabanuk (the furthest point we can drive with the truck) and caught a taxi cab into Cebu. We still needed to renew our visas. We got to the office shortly after 8am and left the office by 9:15 am. We had our renewed visas in hand and we celebrated with Starbucks. Yea!

Monday, July 06, 2009

July, July!

Hello all, just wanted to put up some pics today...We have been working on projects at Shofar, we were able to start painting the outside CRs, and there is a picture of them, half done. It ended up raining, so we had to stop until the weather got better. Another project we've been working on is putting egg cartons up on the walls of the radio room. (to make the sound quality better in there.) We have been mixing new paint to get it to match what was already up there...Andy's artistic eye has been the judge of that. There is also a picture of Ryan and Andy doing their live teaching show on the air. This was their first one, and they will be doing another tomorrow afternoon. There are also a couple photos of Shirley, Thomas' wife. We came home one night last week, and she was out there in the field...cutting down weeds with her 'katanas'.
Hope you enjoy the pictures! Pray for us, and we'll pray for you...: )
Btw...I can't believe it's July already!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Saturday, Friday and Thursday

Saturday: We painted the interior of the outside bathrooms at Shofar. Just as we finished it started to sprinkle. We were glad that we didn't tackle painting the outside of the bathrooms. After cleaning up and a quick lunch we headed back to Toledo for the Youth Leadership study. Hanging with the Lutopan youth on the way there and back has been lots of laughs...

Friday: We taught in the jail in Toledo. It always seems to be the perfect topic for the women and there is always good discussion. I've really enjoyed getting to know the women as they begin to open up more and more. In the evening we hung out with the Lutopan youth. There was singing and an open format devotional about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall. Everyone had an opportunity to share. We had to leave just as the people were going to play hide n seek. Can you imagine the unfair advantage that four old and ghostly white people would have?

Thursday: Our biggest school day. Since both Andy and I were teaching elementary schools we (mostly Andy) came up with a fun game/object lesson for the kids. We drew stones on the concrete with Bible promises. Some were too far apart for the kids to jump from one to the other. With that being the case, we would help the kids cross the "slough of despond" to get to the next stepping stone. I think the kids really enjoyed watching some of their classmates being carried across...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wow, what a week... so far!

Hey, we are back again... we do the best we can to keep you updated on how things are going... Monday, was a great day to sit down and get organized for the rest of the week. Part of our schedule for the week is getting some things done here around here at Shofar. We were able to finishing cement work on the outside"Comfort Rooms," do a little landscaping and prep work for our erosion control project, did a little sound proofing and painting in the radio booth, and wrapping Tuesday all up with a live on air radio teaching show...

Wednesday was a fun day... We started our day off at the Toledo City Jail We were there shortly before the Heavens opened dropping water by the pails full... it was hard for us to hear and teach as the rain pounded against the tin roof... But it was the strangest thing, it produced the most interaction that we have had... Men that have never spoke before answering questions and adding into the study... We were greatly blessed...

On our way down from the jail we noticed that all of the rain was causing a little river flowing under the truck... as we continued down the road we realized that a portion of the water was coming up over the road washing it away... But, that is where our handy dandy, 660cc four wheel drive, jacked up w/16" off road tires come in... we powered through that water like it was nothing. Of course this decision was made after we saw a man go through safely on his 110cc motorcycle....even though water went over the top of his tires...

We then made our trek back to to Shofar put on some dry clothes and making our way towards our first chance of being able to teach at Upper Camp 8. Being able to interact with the children and create relationships with them, and teach them about God's Word is more fun than you can imagine...

What have you just read was only two days... we are now on the way out the door on yet another adventure... This time we are on our way to Loay Elementary... let's see what God is going to do...