Monday, July 02, 2012


We closed down Shofar this morning and said our goodbyes to the teachers, students, caretaker, driver, and Pastor Lando and Evelyn. We are thankful to God for this opportunity to be in the Philippines and we are so glad we got to meet and spend time with the Shofar kids. Leslie is transferring her managerial skills to the Manila DQ branch (see picture above). So we will visit her next year when we come. Joke Ra! Thanks to all for your prayers during our trip. God is doing great things at Shofar.


Sunday, July 01, 2012


Welp...last night at Shofar... hard to process... We all went to FIC for our final sunday service there and it was wonderful to hang out with everyone one last time. After the service Evelyn treated the team to soup and biko, along with rice and a dessert of jackfruit. Then there was second dessert when we gathered around the bench underneath the cantol tree and had young coconut along with a lot of laughing. Laura and Leslie stayed behind with the youth group at FIC and hung out with them for two hours playing games and then they both caught a hobble back up to Shofar. The rest of us spent the afternoon finishing up closing. It's pretty quiet here tonight, we're mostly packing and planning for tomorrow's travel. Am already missing my family here, but am looking forward to seeing my family at JFB too. It's been really amazing to have had the chance to be here, and especially to see the fruit every past team has left behind here: the building, the people, and the impact. Names of members from past teams pop up in conversations all the time. It's literally been the mountaintop/valley journey here. Salamat God! See you all super soon.
oh, and Leslie made a friend