Sunday, June 30, 2013


Sunday morning and we were off to Lutopan for church at Freedom In Christ. I was given the privilege of teaching the morning service and spoke on the importance of keeping in step with God as he calls and directs our lives. Pastor Lando was away filling the pulpit of another church in town and so Av did the translating. I'm pretty sure that what she was saying is what I taught...?...

It was a cold, wet, windy weekend here, and we spent most of our time working indoors and doing some cleaning. Laura and I are continuing to prepare lessons for school next week and are excited to spend as much time working with the students as we can. It has been a real blessing for us to be able to spend enough time here for them to get over their shyness and let their real personalities show through. We have some really special kids here who love God and are a joy to be around. Those of you who are sponsoring students should feel blessed to be a part of what is going on here. Not only are the students receiving a top of the line education, but every day at school they are doing devotions and learning more and more about God and the bible. I have gotten to know the teachers better this year and they truly are dedicated to educational and spiritual success of these kids.

God is doing something special here on top of the mountain and we are lucky to be a part of it.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As you may or may not know, some of Team 2 has arrived home safely!

I was thankful to arrive home at Shofar, from dropping them off at the airport, with school still in session. Although by 5pm the kids left and the team was being missed! It has also been interesting changing from cooking for 7 to 2 people.
Andy has spent the last few days reviewing the materials from the testing company and seeing how to best interpret the data. The end goal today was to meet with the teachers and show them how they can use the test results to see where the students' weak and strong points are; and specifically what topics within the tested subjects need more attention. He couldn't believe that he conducted an "in-service" meeting - these are his least favorite things about being a teacher. "Can I get an Amen Jason Haugley..." :) andy...
I, on the other hand, sat through Teacher Jayne's English grammar classes yesterday to help create "games" (learning while having fun) that would drive home the concepts from the previous day. Since the students picked up on possessive nouns (teacher's pet, dog's tail, etc.) so quickly, I used that and the 8 Parts Of Speech (noun, verb, adverb, etc.) to create Mad Libs for the special focus time this afternoon. For the older students, we did one example Mad Lib together. Then they had to write a 5-8 sentence story pulling out the words and replacing them with a blank for the word they wanted to be changed.
Another game we played was were each student had 1 part of speech and had to write a few words on blank papers. We pulled everyone back together and created random goofy sentences by hanging them on a clothes line.
We are thankful for our time here even though it seems like we have such a short time left. We are trying to capture every moment possible - we don't want to miss any of what God is doing.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Noah was talking at dinner one night how Filippinos can be walking and walk right out of their flip flops. I had to catch a picture of an example of Jayson's. He, along with the men, started on a project as Andy calls it, "insulation installation" in the classroom to help direct the heat upward and out. We were all busy cleaning and preparing for part of Team 2 to go home. Everyone was excited  about coming and the opportunities they had here. I believe everyone is looking forward to see family and friend at home, too! Andy and I will stay a little longer to work in the school. We will be creating discovery lessons that help drive home The Parts of Speech that they are currently learning in their English Grammar classes.
As always, when I'm here, it's such a treat to see what God is doing and how he works... and look over the side of the cliff and feel the air brush my hair back :) Laura

Proud Sponsor: Tim, Sharon, & Ruby

Thursday, June 20, 2013


So today was our last day with the students, Lexi taught discovery lesson on the properties of water and it went really good and the kids had lots of fun. It has been a very spirtually trying time for all of us with the extemly busy scheduele as we reach the end of our missions trip. It seems that the closer we get to the end of our trip the more God is turning up the intensity, with that we can really use yours prayers that we will be able to complete our tasks before we must leave. Even though it has been a really trying time it has been a great spirtual blessing to be here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well today Lexi and I had the chance to help some of the kids finish the mural. All of the kids new favorite thing to do now is paint. The students created this masterpeice just like God created us from nothing. As you saw earlier in the blogs,it was just a white wall and now it is full of life and color. Just like when God made the Earth. Being with these kid has made a huge impact on me and knowing that God created all them and me.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Acts 4:32 Now multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul...

We met a woman working in a coffee shop and we started talking to her. After we found out that she was a believer, she said "you're just like me!" When you meet other Christians doing God's business, there is an instant bond and excitement that we found each other. Next, the conversation goes to what God is doing that we all get to be a part of.
Other people we've bonded with is the childrens ministry; and even our own team, and the closeness of living together in one house.
God is teaching us all something here, things we will never forget....."be very careful never to forget what you have seen the Lord do for you. Don't let those things escape from your mind a long as you live." Deut 4:9 NLT


Saturday, June 15, 2013


What a day! We were up early and off to Inayawan which is an area located on the outskirts of Cebu City. There we were able to team up for the day with a group that ministers to the children of families that live in the city landfill in the morning, and children from pier 4 in the afternoon. They gather all of the kids together for a time of worship, bible teaching, and then they feed them a hot lunch and a bag of rice to take home. Our team was able to teach the kids some lessons from Luke chapter 15; the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the lost son. Jesus told these illustrations to drive home one basic point; you are so valuable to God that he will search relentlessly until he finds you. Our youth were able to relay that message to the roughly three hundred kids that we saw today, "You are valuable to God and he will never stop looking for you". Noah was able to show some of his video clips from the group Stomp and demonstrate how to create simple rhythms and songs using found objects from around the room. The members of Stomp use discarded trash to make beautiful music, Noah was able to explain that God can take anyone and do something beautiful in their life no matter how small or broken they may feel. During the mid day break we all had a chance to help fill bags with rice for the kids to take home in the afternoon. We had a lot of fun practicing our Cebuano with the ladies that we were helping out. We now know how to say a very important phrase "It is going to rain"... Today was a reminder of how big the love of God is that it reaches all the way to the edge of a landfill in Cebu, and also of how truly blessed we are to have a roof over our heads, food on the table and families that love us. God is indeed good! Andy

Friday, June 14, 2013

Balamban to Cebu City


So today started out great woke up got dressed the sun was shining. Then I saw Noah he was wearing the exact same shirt as me and almost the same shorts as me it was funny. so we got the day started, by starting the Shofar Learning center logo on the cistern and painting some more of the mural in the hallway by one of the classrooms. Tim and Sharon got a chance to experince some great veiws and no Traffic for the first time since we got here

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well today some of the kids had a chance to paint some of the mural that Andy thought that we should do with the kids. The mural is a world map so you can see that the kids are painting the ocean. Tomorrow some of the kids are going to paint the land on the mural. Most of the kids have never painted before so they thought it was very awesome.
On Saturday we are all going to go and do our Dump Ministry at the landfill in Cebu. Keep praying for us and thanks for all the prayer.
Love Ya'll, Noah


Well, we did a lot of work yesterday. There wasn't any school, because June 12th is their Independence day, but they don't do anything to celebrate it, as the kids said. So, therefore, it was a workday. We painted the radio tower and the sistern. We took pictures of the school for the D.E.P.E.D application. Then we did Laundry. Toward the end of the day, we went for a walk. It was so BEAUTIFUL. We were the only team who had ever been as for as we went. When Tim makes that analogy in church where he always wants to see what's over the next hill, or around the next corner. He actually means it! We met some of the "neighbors". When you first walk up, all the kids run into the house, and you wonder why they are doing that. Then you remember, "Oh yeah, I'm white!" There isn't a day that goes by in the Philippines where you say, man God did good! Well please keep praying for Tim, he needs it. You can pray for the whole team too. We kind of miss you guys!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We had the most beautiful day! Imagine a warm and slightly breezy day... this gave us a chance to get a lot of work done around Shofar.
We primed the radio tower and will paint it white tomorrow. Noah had a rust colored stain on his arm from the paint. We thought it looked like he burned his arm, so we caught a picture of it.
The kids are "walking like an Egyptian" as Alexis conducted an art lesson teaching how the children can draw images to show motion similar to artist Keith Haring.
I'm not sure who has more fun during free time - the Shofar students or our youth. It has been neat to see how the kids relate to one another. PS. I think Andy has a slight advantage as you can see in the picture!
I would  love to share with you all that goes on in one day, but it would take too long. Laura

Monday, June 10, 2013

Which is better ...Milo time or Mongo Monday?

To get over jet lag......we've kept a large supply of Milo, a hot chocolate drink on hand for this team. Anything to keep them awake in the evening. This is now the tradition at Shofar.
For supper tonight, we made mongo beans and rice....someday it will be perfected to be real Filipino style. Laura and I even went in the back yard and cut our own lemon gras.s
We spend our evenings talking about the day and our favorite parts of it, telling stories, laughing and planning for the next day. The air is cooler and the crickets are loud. It's my favorite part, just to get to know the team.
Alexis taught devotions to the school today. The chapter was on Psalms 1...she taught that we have to be strong in Jesus, to be able to survive hard things that happen just like a tree needs strong roots to stand strong when a typhoon comes along.
Thanks for praying for us, even though it's not easy for us to communicate home with everyone we'd like to, we appreciate hearing from you.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sunday at Freedom In Christ

It was the first Sunday in the Philippines for team two, so we made the trip down the mountain on a beautiful sunny morning to Freedom In Christ in Lutopan. Noah had a chance to give his testimony today; I had no idea that he had spent time in a Turkish prison... Lexi and Jon spent the service teaching in kids church with Erline talking about creation and God's creativity and power. After church we were off to a church in another part of town where Jon taught their youth group about king David and the lessons that he learned as a shepherd and how that prepared him for what God had in store for him later in life. Later on, Noah was able to teach the youth group at Pastor Lando's church. After a full day, we were able to stop on the way back to Shofar to shoot some hoops with some of the local kids.

All in all a pretty blessed day.  Andy

Above the clouds at Shofar

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Jon's first fruit... ever

trip to Toledo

so to today we went to Toledo we went and the Fair that hasnt started yet because Pastor lonado said it starts on the 12th, but we had a great time we got to eat at jessica's chicken and see the ocean for the first time for Lexi Noah and myself . we are having a blessed time keep us in your prayers.
Jonathan Harnisch

Tim's new shirt

Noah bought this for Tim back in the states and gave it to him today.
Jonathan Harnisch

Friday, June 07, 2013


Well it has been raining everyday now on and off. Today Jon did one of our MAPE lessons; it was called blobs in a bottle. The kids loved it and we all had a great time teaching the kids outside in the new pavilion; thanks to the couples who raised the money, it works awesome. We have seen a few Gekos and one was about a foot long, which i guess is only medium size. This morning we walked down to upper camp 8 to talk to teacher Grace about coming and showing the kids our cultural video. Today i almost killed Lexi i scared here so bad that Andy, Lura, and Junray thought someone was killing chickens by the way she screamed. We have laughed so much today. Tomorrow we are going to Toledo City to do some shopping.
I miss all ya'll.

Thursday, June 06, 2013


So.. over 23 hours, we are finally here! The plane ride was very long, but the check-in lines and security were great.They were very quick and easy, God was definitely there with us. It was Jon and Noah's first time on a plane, and it was funny. Jon got very nervous on some of the turbulance. And when we had our meals, Jon and Noah lucked out.. Twice! They said "We have beef, chicken, and pasta.. But no Beef." It was very humid when we got off the plane, and we passed the whole plane by just walking down the stairs!

We arrived at Shofar, and we worked with the students today. They are very shy at first, but once they get used to you they are amazing. One of the students is a Filipino Kaylee, and she just happens to be sponsered by the Sutliff's!

We've Got the Lubba Jesus!

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Day of Lasts (at least for Team 1)

--Sasha Morrison
Today Team 1 will be saying goodbye to the place we called home for the last three weeks. We will be departing Shofar this afternoon to go to Cebu City to do some "tourism" before we catch a plane in the middle of the day today. Not only are we leaving today, but today was also the first day of school for the 48 kids of Shofar Learning Center. This is the biggest batch of kids we have had so far and it's been awesome to hear once again their little feet walking above our heads. We have been blessed this trip so far and are looking forward to stepping out into Korea tomorrow afternoon to explore before we head home to the States.

Keep praying for the work over here, there are always unseen trials that sometimes gets missed in the presentations and the resistance we may face because of the things God is doing here. Pray for Tim and Sharon as they stay here and deal with three teenagers.

See you soon!


Team 1 - Last full day

Well, it's been an action packed 3 weeks. Tomorrow we will head to Cebu City, do some shopping, then head over to the airport for a late night flight to Seoul, Korea, then onto the US from there. While we are in Seoul, we will have an extensive layover, so we will very likely go downtown to the market for a few hours. While at the airport, we might run across Team 2, as they will be there at the same time as us (but the security checkpoints will probably keep that from happening)
  We have made many new friends and exchanged a thousand smiles with people we have met or walked by on the road.  Although I miss home, I will greatly miss this place.  I can only hope that the memory never fades.  I wish I could take it with me when I go.
  Today, we spent our last Sunday at church in Lutopan ('Topes).  I had the opportunity to give my testimony before Pastor Tim's message.  After church, Evelyn made us a fabulous meal of mungo bean soup, lumpia, rice, and Coca-Cola.  Pastor Lando served us young coconut and a huge Jackfruit.  At 2pm, we split up for youth group.  After returning for the night, there was a fabulous sunset.
 Pastor Tim and Sharon will remain here at Shofar to assist for the duration of team 2's stay.  To the youth (and Andy and Laura), safe travels and may you be blessed as we were.  We'll leave the light on for you...

Saturday, June 01, 2013


The Fleet of vehicles was not fully functional for us to take part in the dump ministry this morning in Cebu. Instead we turned our attention to various projects around Shofar to get ready for school, and clean the place up.

Continue to pray for our team who are heading home soon, for Tim and Sharon who will continue here at Shofar and for the upcoming team preparing to come here.

Everything grows bigger here