Saturday, July 30, 2016

Update 4

Another week has flown by, and we have reached our one month mark. We have had an exciting and busy last week, so this blog might get lengthy, so hang on. 

Monday and Tuesday was ALS (Alternative Learning System) Graduation in Toledo City. This was a very large event, with 23 elementary students and 1,200 or so high school students all from the Toledo City area and from ALS schools. We had 8 of our current students graduating from elementary level to high school, so we brought them as well as Teacher Recel to Toledo to take part in the festivities. Monday was just a practice day, and Tuesday was the real deal. The students were very excited to be there and had a good time. We also got to see some former Shofar students who had graduated high school and are moving on to higher education. It was a great couple of days spending time with our students, and getting to know Recel. We also got to enjoy some Jessica’s chicken, which is always a treat. Jesse was able to take a visit to the Shofar TV station and meet Jim Young for lunch. 

Wednesday morning we got ready to head to Cebu so that we could be at the immigration office right away in the morning Thursday. Things went well there, so we can stay in the country for a while longer. 

This week at our Thursday night Bible study we finished our study In Galatians. So we will be moving on to something new next week. This has been a good group to practice our Cebuano on. They only laugh at us a little bit when we say everything wrong. 

Friday after lessons and some grocery shopping we headed back to Shofar. We turned a corner going up the Manipis road and there was a long line of traffic stopped… waiting for equipment to clear out a landslide that had covered the road. We didn’t have to wait long, but it was a good reminder to always be watching the mountain above us. 

Today was spent unwinding from the week and doing the normal everyday household chores. It’s been almost cold here lately, pretty windy and rainy… not to worry though it is still humid somehow. No snow quite yet.  

God is continuing to teach us and show us how awesome He is even when things don’t go as we plan.   We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate all the prayers. We are praying for you too. Hope the mission is going well back home too.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Blog 3

Hey everyone!

A lot has happened since we wrote last, it has been a fun and busy week here.

Last Sunday we visited two different churches in Tabunok. The first was a small, new Baptist church whose pastor is BJ. He is a very busy guy, doing basketball and feeding outreaches with the kids in his area, as well as pastoring the kids programs at IGC Inawayan. He was great to talk with and hear how he got started and where God has brought him.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were at Shofar teaching some and taking care of a few things around here. The older students have been practicing a declamation for a few days during ALT time. This is a memorized speech that was written for them, and their job was to put emotion and feeling into the delivery of it. It was fun to hear them really get into the part, and they had a good time with it too.

Thursday morning we headed to Cebu again, this time for an extended stay. We had language classes again, and this time felt like we were really getting the hang of it. Our only homework this week is to ask the Shofar students questions like “what’s your favorite…and why” so that should be easy enough. Jesse led the Thursday night Bible study. It was a good discussion and there were some new faces there as well. Saturday we headed to the Inawayan landfill to join the ministry team there for their kids church. They have about 60-70 kids on both Friday and Saturday, doing worship, teaching, small groups based on age, and then a (really delicious) meal, and then are sent home with a bag of rice for their family. We got to spend time with the team there, and chat with Pastor BJ again. We then ventured with them to their Lapu Lapu outreach where they did the same thing once more. It is cool to see such a great ministry making a big impact on many kids’ lives.

From here we joined up with Yvea at Living Word church in Banawa where we shared about Word On the Street to their youth group staff and leaders. They are going to help with distribution of WOTS, and we also pushed them to get involved with the production of it as well.

Sunday morning we ended our stay in Cebu with church at Pathways Icthus with a few of our friends from the Thursday night group. We also met a missionary couple from the states who have been here for 35 years.

We also had to say goodbye for now to Yvea, as she is headed to Manila for two months to do some further medical training. She uses the healthcare field as a mission field here and trains and equips other healthcare workers to do the same, through the organization that she works for. Last time her and I said goodbye was after camp last year, and we didn’t know if we would see each other again, so we said see you again if not here, in heaven. It was sad to say goodbye today, but at least we know (God willing) when we will see each other again this time!

So, it was another great trip to Cebu. We really enjoy our time in the city, but it is nice to be in the quiet of the mountain again. Tonight we are gearing up for the week ahead, and looking forward to whatever God has for us this week.

Flat tire count: 02

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Update #2


Hello everyone,

Well, this week looked pretty similar to last as far as our schedule goes. Sunday we went to Frontier church in Toledo and were greatly encouraged by their fellowship. Monday we both got to teach some ALT classes. Jesse was very excited for science once he found the hydrochloric acid and magnesium strips… I foresee some great experiments in the future. I broke out the recorders and had a class with those. The students are great to talk with – most of them we have seen for the past two years and it is fun to see how they are growing up into young adults. It was also neat to be on this side of skype calls with the sponsors. The students get pretty excited about it and love hearing about you guys.

Thursday and Friday we had more Cebuano lessons… it’s starting to sink in a little I think. We can write and read simple sentences now, which is exciting. We also enjoyed another Thursday night Bible Study in Cebu. It is so nice to have a group of friends to meet with, study the Bible together, and  pray for each other.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

- The Mosses


Flat tire count: 01

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Just Getting Started

Hello everyone! Team Moss here. The last blog post was team two leaving us, so I’ll pick it up from there. 

We dropped off the team at the hotel in Cebu, it was sad to say goodbye, but we are very grateful for the time we had with them. From there we headed back to Shofar with just a couple hours of school left for the day. Wednesday we spent some time in the school, getting to know teachers and students. We are looking forward to working with them, and getting to teach some classes. 

Thursday we planned on leaving for Cebu around 8 in the morning… but got delayed a little. So our plans were a little altered, but we made it down the mountain anyway. Off on our first solo adventure to the big city. We took care of some business in the city and then found our way to meet Ethyl, our Cebuano language teacher. We had a two hour class with her, and left feeling like our brains were filled. She is a great teacher, really concerned with learning the language for practical purposes and keeps telling us that even knowing a little Cebuano will really help bridge the gap between cultures.
 From there we ran some more errands before heading to McDo for the Thursday night Bible study that previous teams were a part of. This was really a blessing for us, to meet with fellow Christians who are passionate about God and learning more from the Bible. We had known Yvea from camp last year, so it was really cool to reconnect with her. And it was awesome to meet Dyreen as well. These two ladies organize and lead the study, and it is obvious how much they love Jesus. 

Friday morning came and we headed off to another Cebuano lesson. It was nice to be in the hustle and bustle of city, walking the streets, seeing the sights and finding our way around. Once everything was done, we got back in the H and made the trek back up the mountain. It was a successful trip to Cebu. 

Today (Saturday) was spent taking it all in. Doing some chores around the house and just enjoying being here. Nagandam si Jesse ug dinner (Jesse is preparing dinner). Nagpuyo mi sa Shofar (We are living at Shofar).

We were instructed to use just one word or phrase a day to build vocabulary…so there you have it.

We want to thank you all for your prayers and support; we appreciate it more than you know. 

That’s all for now… Except for this really cute picture of “our” dog Two-Tone. :) 

Monday, July 04, 2016

Departing Shofar

Unfortunately, This is our last post.  I think as a team we would like to extend our gratitude to all those that we served with this past month.  Thank you for letting us be apart of your lives.   For those who kept up on the blog, we thank you for your prayer support! 
Jesse and Chelsey are starting to settle in, and this blog should be kept up for quite awhile, so don't stop checking in!  Thanks to our Lord for making all of this possible! 
Take care out there,
Team 2 signing off.

A Bittersweet Ending

Well, it’s the eve of our departure back to the U.S.A…it’s a bittersweet end to an incredible four weeks. I guess it’s fitting that the color of Shofar is bittersweet, as the building sees teams come and go every year. We’ve laughed a lot, failed a lot, and seen a lot over the past month, but most of all we’ve all learned a lot about what it means to live every day on mission. There were times that we couldn’t make sense of what was happening, but God always knew what He was doing. In fact, it was in those desperate moments when it seemed nothing would work that He would come through in ways we couldn’t imagine (it’s always Option C, right?). I think we all came here hoping to serve and work hard, but we’re all walking away with so much more than completed task lists. To everyone we’ve met this month, thanks for letting us come alongside what God is already doing in the Philippines. And to everyone who has been faithfully praying for us back home, we’ll see you soon…

P.S. We may not have fireworks on the 4th of July, but we do have a pretty bright light pole.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

What a weekend!

Saturday began with a trip down the mountain to Cebu City to meet up with Jesse and Chelsey at a coffee shop since they had landed the night before. We had some coffee and lunch with them before they went back up the mountain to get settled in while we prepared for a youth event later in the day. It was done by a group called young life and was geared towards bringing in kids from the neighborhood and giving them something to do like singing songs, playing games all while preaching the Gospel to them in the process. We went out fliering beforehand and experience something different that what fliering is like back home, instead of just giving away the fliers and talking about the event and moving on, most of the kids we invited followed us until we went back to the house that the event was at. It was an amazing experience and we all had a great time! Jason was even given the chance to give a message at the tail end of the event and was able to share the Gospel with the children.
We stayed down in Cebu that night so that we could visit the church that the pastor who hosts the event we were at the night before pastors. We had a great time and felt very welcomed. It is great to have visited so many churches here and to see how God is leading them in different directions and how much they worship Him.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!
Team 2