Friday, August 26, 2016



We just got back to Shofar from Cebu a couple hours ago, just in time to see the students and teachers off for the weekend. It was a good trip this week. We got our visas renewed with no problems, so we are legal to stay here for another two months!  The Thursday night study was a lot of fun with a few new faces there. Monday there is no school due to a holiday, so we are going to use that day to bring the school bus to the mechanic in Toledo. Vehicle problems seem to be never ending when driving up and down a mountain several times every day. 

We are missing you all as you get ready to head to the church campout. Chelsey wanted to sleep on the porch to stay connected and camp like you all, but I convinced her otherwise. Hope you all have a good time and great fellowship together. Soak in the warmth now, soon you will all be shoveling snow while we are putting on our sunscreen.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update 6

Maayong hapon! (or buntag or gabbii, whenever you read this…)

It’s a very rainy Tuesday afternoon here at Shofar. It has been pretty cool up here for the past several weeks and we had a pretty good storm on Sunday afternoon that knocked out our power for about 6 hours. But we are thankful that the cistern is full!

We have both gotten to teach some at school the past week or so. Jesse did a fun science project with some students – building bridges out of short pieces of bbq roasting sticks. They came up with some pretty sturdy looking creations. We are going to test them to see how much weight they can hold pretty soon. I think the students took it pretty seriously, so we are expecting to have to get creative with what kind of weights we use… maybe a small child or something.

I got to teach Bible class two days back to back, which presented a neat opportunity. The students are going through Genesis right now, so I got to teach on Genesis 3 and the effects of the fall. Monday we dug into all the effects of the fall and how it affects us, and then today we got to see how God made a way for us to be made right with Him again, not just for eternal life, but also right now. It is really awesome to see the students making connections and hearing what they have to say about these topics, and the questions they have. 

Sunday we were able to meet up with Jim Young and attend his church in Sagay. Jesse got the chance to talk for a few minutes about us being here and the mission of Shofar. We had been there last year, so it was good to be back again and continue the friendship we have with him. He also invited us to his house where he hosts a youth ministry, so we stopped by to check that out and visit with him and his wife more. It was a very nice time and encouraging to see the work that is going on there.

In other news, I think we have another dog! She is pretty shy, but has been coming around more and more, so we figured it was time to give her a name. Edom (red) has joined the family now. So we have Two-Tone, Black Dog, and Edom… clearly we are all very creative when it comes to dog names. 

Well, I think that’s all for now. We are getting ready for another trip to Cebu, going to renew our visas again already. It’s been a crazy fast month, that’s for sure.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us and for your prayers.
-The Mosses

Jesse talking about Shofar Mission at Jim Young’s church

We went for a motorcycle ride with a few of our friends… 

Flat tire count: 04

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Update 5

Hey everyone, 

Yes we are still here and alive… sorry for the lack of blogging.

Things are going well in the school. I just helped complete a computer progress report for each student, so I got to see how much work they have done so far over the past two months. I also got to have a bit of a jam session with some of the girls. I played guitar, showed them a few basic cords, and then they somehow convinced me to play some Taylor Swift and… gulp… Justin Bieber. Don’t worry, I didn’t have those songs memorized, I had to look them up. So they sang along and we had a great time. 

We have started going through Mark for our Thursday Bible Study. We are going through the book, not necessarily in verse by verse style, but looking at Jesus and what each section is telling us about who He is, and discussing how that has an impact on our lives. The first session was about Jesus as the promised King, and this week we discussed Jesus as the powerful King. 

We graduated from our first section of language classes! Now we are transitioning to speaking more passively, which is how the language is set up here. So for example you’d say “The mango was bought by me”. This week though, we have been working on asking and answering questions like “Unsa imong paboritong pagkaon?” What’s your favorite food? Or “Asa ang vulcanizer?” Where is the vulcanizer? (That one came in handy this week). So it’s been fun having short conversations, and at least being able to start to understand what’s going on around us. 

We made it to Cross Point Church today, after a failed attempt last week. We had left Shofar last Sunday, thinking we would be about an hour early for church, only to make it as far as Tabunok by the time church would have been starting. We were stuck in the worst traffic we have seen because the other main road was closed due to an Iron Man bike race. But we made it there today, no problem. We were able to hear about a kids outreach they recently started in a local cemetery, where the kids live, and we hope to go with them there sometime. We were able to reconnect with a few friends from camp from last year, so that was really cool. Good to see them.

We were able to enjoy some milestone achievements here this week too. We experienced our first motorcycle ride in a complete downpour. We also saw and successfully defeated the largest spider we have ever seen at Shofar. It took both of us, Bygone, a broom, and a tray, but we got it. We have managed to stay true to our 1 flat tire for every two week average, for 6 weeks now. 

God certainly has been exceedingly good to us here. Thank you for your continued prayers. 

Here is a photo of how the table looks when Chelsey uses it… versus when Jesse uses it. I seem to recall something about not having food on the lab table, something about chemicals or something… I don’t know.

Flat Tire Count: 03