Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Update 8

It has been busy over here, that’s for sure. I’ll try to recap the highlights…

I believe shortly after we wrote last, we had the mother of all flat tires. We were headed back up the Manipis road from church in Cebu and our back tire went flat. Now, for those of you who know the Manipis road… it is in a constant state of construction/road widening/just keeping the landslides off the roadway. So needless to say it’s really rocky. Not heavily populated either. So we got to push the motorcycle uphill, on a rocky road, in the heat, with a flat for a little over a half kilometer, which was plenty far. (When I say we, I mean Jesse… I was more of a cheerleader). But we got to the vulcanizer, who was very helpful and got us on our way in no time. But after that we decided it was time to get new tires… and so far, they’re working great! So that’s pretty exciting.
I got to watch a play that the older students put on for the school. We have quite good actresses and actors here! They really got into their roles, and even dressed up for them. There was a kidnapping, and an investigation, and lots of crying about the kidnapping. It all ended well though, the kidnapped was returned, and the kidnappers and investigators even became Christians. It was quite good.
We have been able to return to a couple churches that we went to at the start of our trip – Pathways and Metropolitan Christian Fellowship, so it’s been nice to see people again and not feel like total newcomers.
Our Thursday night study is going well – still making our way through the series in Mark. We have been seeing new faces, which is always fun. Please pray we would continue to see more people there, and that they would keep returning.
Jesse is quickly becoming best friends with our mechanic. He has spent a lot of time there, between all the vehicles.
A couple of the students and I have been playing guitar after school some, which is a great time. They’ve got Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday down pretty well. It’s good having the kids around – no matter what’s going on, they can brighten the day pretty quickly.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Update 7


Hope you are all doing well post-campout! We really enjoyed seeing pictures from that in the newsletter and hearing about it from some of you.

Last Sunday we went to a local church, where Den Den (one of our teachers) attends. It was very nice, and I think we are starting to be able to understand more of what is being said after taking our Cebuano lessons.

Monday was a holiday here, so that meant no school. That provided a good opportunity for us to take the school bus to Toledo for the day to get some repairs done. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent around Shofar, getting things done and spending time in the school. Jesse and the students that had built bbq stick bridges a couple weeks ago, tested how much weight their bridges could hold in front of the whole school. It was a lot of fun to watch in suspense to see when they would break. We had joked before about having to use a small child to test the bridges and well, I guess we weren’t kidding. The bridges held way more weight than we thought they would and after stacking multiple packs of batteries, a peanut butter container full of rocks, and ten Bibles, we finally had one of the students try to stand on them. They all withheld the weight without actually breaking, but some bent more than others so that’s how we determined who won. It was pretty impressive.

Thursday we made our way down to Cebu – we don’t know what the temperature was, but we are sure it was one of the hottest days here yet. Before the Bible study we picked up the latest issue of WOTS and brought them with us to the study to get them to people who will distribute them further. So this week 500 copies of the magazine will be headed into the hands of students and young people in the Cebu area – please pray for that. There were several new students at the study and we had a good discussion about fear versus faith.

Before heading back home on Friday we had the chance to meet up with another American missionary couple that have lived and worked here for several years now. It was cool to talk with them and hear about what they do here too.

I think that about wraps up our week here. Thanks for your continued prayers. We are praying for you guys too.