Thursday, January 12, 2017

Enero 13, 2017 :)

As always God continues to order our week for us. On Tuesday before the Bible study, we had the opportunity to have an impromptu conversation with a girl that had been coming to the Bible study before.  It was good to catch up with her and see where she is at now and have the chance to talk a bit about her studies, dreams, and the campus ministry she is involved with. 
We continue weekly cebuano lessons learning the question words: What, who and where this week.  I put them to use along with the basics of introducing myself when meeting a new child and his father at Everlasting Hope. The children enjoyed responding to my questions and a couple of them tried to teach me what a few words mean on their island.  While introducing the activities I prepared to go along with the Bible Lesson they enjoyed my Cebglish...though they didn't seem as excited when I asked how to say clean up in Cebuano!  (They end the day like American classrooms with clean up assignments) before going outside to play until supper.  Brittany worked with the volunteer coordinator on some social media posts and other ideas to add to their branding. She even took some photos around the center. One little girl was camera shy at first but then walked with me as Britt took photos.  As always it is a blessing to work with Kristina, the staff, and the children! 
Otherwise, we are looking forward to and starting to prepare for the 2017 Shofar Youth Camp, finishing up Issue 69 of WOTS, and continuing to pursue campus ministry. 
Thanks for your continued prayers and we look forward to skyping with you each week!!