Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saging ni Kintoy

Hey everyone!

After spending most of the rainy weekend inside and avoiding the madness of Sinulog (google it), we were thankful to get out and go to our Bible study on Tuesday night. A few of our regular members had to miss it, but we still had a great discussion with the two young women that came. We talked a lot about God's grace and how the trials we go through are divinely given or approved by Him, making us more and more like Jesus. We may be from different sides of the world, but one thing we have in common is the fact that we've all been broken and we desperately need Him. Please keep praying that we will grow as a small community where we can be honest with each other and go through life together.

On Wednesday, we revisited the Campus Ministry that we met with in December. Unfortunately, it's midterms this week, so not many people were around. However, we were invited to come back next week for one of their meetings where everyone will be there (hopefully). So, we're both really excited to go back and see what kinds of doors God may open there!

Today as we were walking to Everlasting HOPE, our friendly neighborhood banana cue vendor, Kintoy, was hard at work deep frying and sugaring his tasty treats. We didn't have time to stop, but we promised we'd be back in a few hours and asked if he'd still be there. Lo and behold, as we were walking home and turned the corner, we were greeted by Kintoy and a group of Filipinos out enjoying their evening. It was really neat to talk and joke around with everyone - they loved hearing us practice our Cebuano and even taught us a few things. Thanks for praying for our neighborhood - God has allowed us to get to know so many people this week. We also continue to stretch our Cebuano muscles, because as our language teacher says, "you can win a Filipino's heart by speaking their language."

It was a quieter afternoon at Everlasting HOPE, but there was still plenty to do with the staff and kids that were there. Laura helped one of the staff members make biko (which we all got to taste test) and then helped with a Bible lesson and activity for the kids. I continued working on social media graphics and interviewed one of the staff members for her bio for their website. It was really neat to hear her story, why she works there, and some of the joys and challenges of the job. Honestly, it's cool that both of us get to serve in ways that pull on our strengths and things we love to do. I'm also really thankful to get to know the staff and families a little better each week.

In the upcoming week, we will continue preparations for Shofar Camp 2017, send a new WOTS issue to print, and reach out to another university. Thanks for keeping in touch and telling us about the random happenings back home (like snowblowers gone wrong and America's team moving on to the playoffs). Thanks also for your prayers!