Sunday, February 12, 2017

Unsay Imong Crush?

Dear everyone,

Last week was full of meetings and planning as we continued to prepare for the team to come in May. Word about Shofar Camp is starting to spread and we've even heard from a few youth that want to attend. On Saturday, we met with someone who played a huge role in the administrative tasks of the camp last year. She offered a lot of insight from her experience last year and is more than willing to help with the behind-the-scenes work again. We can't wait to see what God will do through camp this year!

A lot of exciting things are happening in WOTS right now! It has always been a challenge to get  everyone together in one place, so last week was the start of our weekly service nights. Most of the writers have expressed the desire to meet together, so we are praying that everyone's schedules will align and traffic will be light (we can dream, right?). We also have two college students shadowing in the magazine this issue, which is really exciting! Both contacts were from a campus visit that happened last year with Team 1. Please pray for these two as they step forward in ministry...our enemy never likes that.

On Sunday morning, we were given a warm welcome at Orchids' church. They asked us to present Shofar Camp and we even got to meet some youth that are interested in attending. After the service, the church broke up into cell groups and discussed the sermon for about 20 minutes. It was neat to join one of the groups and get to know them better.

God continues to work out the details of each day as we step forward in obedience and service. Things don't usually go as we plan, but we can rest assured that it's how He planned. He continues to surprise us as doors open and close and relationships grow. Thanks for praying for us; we can feel it.

Team Cebu

P.S. we asked our language teacher how to break the ice with students at camp. She said we should joke with them and ask "Unsay imong crush?" ("Who is your crush?"). Not only will they laugh because you're speaking Cebuano, but they also love joking around this way! :)