Friday, January 27, 2017

God Continues to Go Ahead of Us...

As we are ending another month God has continued to go before us and order our days and weeks. 
We had our weekly BS on Tuesday and had a couple of new people and welcomed back one of our WOTS writers from medical missions training!  We also had the chance to get dinner with one of our writers before the study. 
This week we had the opportunity to meet with a couple of campus ministries.  God continues to open and close doors as he sees fit.  We had the opportunity to meet with one and grab a quick bite to eat with them after the ministry meeting as well as meet some other students.  God continues to surprise us with the people he puts in our path for us to meet. We are continuing to learn we must trust God as we go through the day knowing He has the plan already worked out and knows what will happen. 
We started Module 3 (the last one) of Cebuano this week!  We continue using Cebuano phrases and words when speaking with our neighbors, taxi drivers, students, and when we volunteer.
This week ended with volunteering at Everlasting Hope.  I also had the chance to participate in the Parent/Children Tea Time.  It was great to get to know the kids more and also practice my Cebuano with both them and their parents.We had the opportunity to continue working on multimedia projects and do a Bible Lesson activity with the children. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saging ni Kintoy

Hey everyone!

After spending most of the rainy weekend inside and avoiding the madness of Sinulog (google it), we were thankful to get out and go to our Bible study on Tuesday night. A few of our regular members had to miss it, but we still had a great discussion with the two young women that came. We talked a lot about God's grace and how the trials we go through are divinely given or approved by Him, making us more and more like Jesus. We may be from different sides of the world, but one thing we have in common is the fact that we've all been broken and we desperately need Him. Please keep praying that we will grow as a small community where we can be honest with each other and go through life together.

On Wednesday, we revisited the Campus Ministry that we met with in December. Unfortunately, it's midterms this week, so not many people were around. However, we were invited to come back next week for one of their meetings where everyone will be there (hopefully). So, we're both really excited to go back and see what kinds of doors God may open there!

Today as we were walking to Everlasting HOPE, our friendly neighborhood banana cue vendor, Kintoy, was hard at work deep frying and sugaring his tasty treats. We didn't have time to stop, but we promised we'd be back in a few hours and asked if he'd still be there. Lo and behold, as we were walking home and turned the corner, we were greeted by Kintoy and a group of Filipinos out enjoying their evening. It was really neat to talk and joke around with everyone - they loved hearing us practice our Cebuano and even taught us a few things. Thanks for praying for our neighborhood - God has allowed us to get to know so many people this week. We also continue to stretch our Cebuano muscles, because as our language teacher says, "you can win a Filipino's heart by speaking their language."

It was a quieter afternoon at Everlasting HOPE, but there was still plenty to do with the staff and kids that were there. Laura helped one of the staff members make biko (which we all got to taste test) and then helped with a Bible lesson and activity for the kids. I continued working on social media graphics and interviewed one of the staff members for her bio for their website. It was really neat to hear her story, why she works there, and some of the joys and challenges of the job. Honestly, it's cool that both of us get to serve in ways that pull on our strengths and things we love to do. I'm also really thankful to get to know the staff and families a little better each week.

In the upcoming week, we will continue preparations for Shofar Camp 2017, send a new WOTS issue to print, and reach out to another university. Thanks for keeping in touch and telling us about the random happenings back home (like snowblowers gone wrong and America's team moving on to the playoffs). Thanks also for your prayers!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Enero 13, 2017 :)

As always God continues to order our week for us. On Tuesday before the Bible study, we had the opportunity to have an impromptu conversation with a girl that had been coming to the Bible study before.  It was good to catch up with her and see where she is at now and have the chance to talk a bit about her studies, dreams, and the campus ministry she is involved with. 
We continue weekly cebuano lessons learning the question words: What, who and where this week.  I put them to use along with the basics of introducing myself when meeting a new child and his father at Everlasting Hope. The children enjoyed responding to my questions and a couple of them tried to teach me what a few words mean on their island.  While introducing the activities I prepared to go along with the Bible Lesson they enjoyed my Cebglish...though they didn't seem as excited when I asked how to say clean up in Cebuano!  (They end the day like American classrooms with clean up assignments) before going outside to play until supper.  Brittany worked with the volunteer coordinator on some social media posts and other ideas to add to their branding. She even took some photos around the center. One little girl was camera shy at first but then walked with me as Britt took photos.  As always it is a blessing to work with Kristina, the staff, and the children! 
Otherwise, we are looking forward to and starting to prepare for the 2017 Shofar Youth Camp, finishing up Issue 69 of WOTS, and continuing to pursue campus ministry. 
Thanks for your continued prayers and we look forward to skyping with you each week!! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Enero 7, 2017

Maayong buntag!  We are enjoying the Tuesday night study and have had different people attend when they can that are normally busy since it is the holidays.  It has been great to continue getting to know these ladies! Most are former or current call center employees so we spent some time this week talking about the blooper reel (at most events these are often a part of photo presentations) and are pretty funny :)
As we start the new year we are continuing to volunteer and are looking forward to what God has in store for us there in 2017!  
Thursday evening we ventured out for the weekly NCC study and had an opportunity to talk and pray with a couple of other missionaries at the end of the study.
This week ended with language class and using a few phrases to introduce ourselves to someone our teacher met quick. Ako si Laura. Nagtrabajo sa Shofar Mission. Gusto ko makamao ug Bisaya.  We also learned a few words that will help when talking with students along with question words.
After class we ended our Friday evening by catching up with one of the WOTS writers for supper and taking the opportunity get to know her better.  We will finish out the week with administrative and housekeeping tasks as we prepare for the next week. Please continue to pray for the people we interact with on a daily basis and that we would have opportunities to meet our neighbors.  We also ask for opportunities to minister to students--by talking to them about the BS, WOTS, or by getting permission to have a study on campus.
As always thanks for praying for us and we look forward to skyping with you! 

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Happy New Year! Last week was pretty low key in between the holidays, so we spent a lot of time in the office planning and preparing for the next few weeks. We also planted some new seeds - carrots, zucchini, and cucumber - in the garden. Thanks for sending them with Erik & Tiff :) 

On New Years Eve, in true JFB fashion, we played board games and ate junk food with a few friends from New Covenant Church. We didn't make it til midnight, but we did get to wake up to fireworks ringing in the new year :) 

Many students are still on their holiday vacation, so we are using this week for a lot of administrative things and planning. We hope to reconnect with student contacts made before the holidays, so please pray for that. We are also hard at work on the next issue of WOTS, which is set to release at the end of the month. Please pray for new writers and greater involvement in our current staff. This is our main avenue of service, discipleship, and fellowship as we seek to assimilate a core group of young people who are passionate for the Kingdom.

In other news, there's a beagle running around our neighborhood that may or may not be an extra team member in be continued...